TURBO-LINE - Welding and corner cleaning production line

The powerful, exclusive automation concept for your PVC window production. The Turbol Line sets new standards and operates at the highest level of quality.  

  • A productivity increase of up to 50% on your existing floor space.
  • Up to 170 window units per 8 hours.
  • The welding cycle of less than 60 seconds is the guaranty for the concept of this line (welding cycle alone without loading or unloading of the profiles). 


Consisting of:  

  • Horizontal 4-head welding machine
  • Diagonal and parallel joining process
  • Horizontal buffer station as a cooling area and transport unit
  • 4-axis corner cleaning machine 
  • High-temperature welding
  • Welding foil quick change system
  • Fixture block quick change system
  • Elastic intermediate plates for tolerance compensation
  • Heated limitation plates
  • Welding bead limitation on support and clamping plates, 2 mm 
    (0.2 mm possible as an option)
  • Heated welding bead limitation
  • Welding parameters can be programmed individually
  • Protection equipment complies with CE
  • Horizontal outfeed unit
  • Individually programmable welding parameters
  • Data management via a database 
  • Min. depth 45 mm
  • Max. depth 120 mm
  • Min. facing width 25 mm
  • Max. facing width 130 mm
  • Min. element size 330 x 325 mm 
    (When the gasket limitation with blade system is used, 470 x 470 mm)
  • Max. element size 3,000 x 4,000 mm

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