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For craftsmen, for industry, for perfect profiles.
elumatec was founded in 1928 in the Swabian town of Mühlacker, between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. At first we produced sand-cast parts; woodworking machines came later. In the 60s we focused consistently on profile machining for various materials, and with great success. Our clear focus on our ultimate goal – to secure and increase our customers’ productivity – has made us a global market leader in the manufacture of machines for processing aluminium, PVC and steel profiles.

Our range of over 120 products means we can meet every possible requirement, with modular machine designs allowing flexible and customised solutions for all sectors and company sizes, from craftsman’s enterprises to industrial profile machining operations.

Over 35,000 customers worldwide, impressive references and awards, more than 6,000 profile machining centres, a range of patents and trademarks, and annual consolidated sales of over 125 million euros show what we can do. But if there’s one thing we’re particularly proud of, it’s this: despite our success in growing from a small craftsman’s enterprise into a global business, we have remained a friendly, down-to-earth company which exemplifies the values of SME businesses, such as quality, flexibility, personality, reliability and proximity to customers.

One measure of the outstanding quality of our products is their longevity: many elumatec machines have been in service for more than 30 years.

With over 700 employees and with subsidiaries and dealers in over 50 countries, our presence covers the globe. If the worst comes to the worst, one of our team of over 150 service experts will be with you quickly on site, and our global supply of spare parts for your elumatec machines ensures a high level of production reliability.

Our passion and commitment is to develop the perfect solutions for you. Get to know us as a partner who understands your specific requirements and will tailor its products and services to meet them to the letter – we look forward to hearing from you!



As the leading premium supplier, we do not only focus on sales figures, but on the even more important aspect of maintaining a leading position in terms of quality. As a consequence, our entire manufacturing process is subject to a comprehensive quality control system which allows us to react quickly whenever needed. Our machines are only rated “market ready” once they meet our high standards in terms of reliability, efficiency and accuracy. For us, quality management is the highest management priority, because quality begins with people, not with things. Our guaranteed supply of spare parts for ten or more years ensures a high level of production reliability. Our quality concept is based on our proximity to you as well as on the know-how and dependability present at all levels of our company – from development and design to manufacturing and on to sales and after-sales service. With commitment and passion we develop the best-possible solution for you, seeing ourselves both as a service provider and a dependable partner.

Environment and economy hand in hand.
Environment and economy complement each other perfectly. The proof:
We save € 20,000 and emit 66 fewer tonnes of carbon dioxide every year thanks to energy efficiency measures first implemented in 2011. An overview of the most important measures:

Eliminating compressed air leaks.
Compressed air is the most expensive energy source produced from electricity, so leaks almost literally mean money going up in smoke. Practical experience has shown that leakage rates of between 15 and 70 % are widespread in the industry, and by eliminating these leaks we have saved 126,000 kWh of electricity and 66 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Overall, that’s € 180,000 since 2011!

Heat recovery from air compressors.
Over 90 % of the electrical energy used to compress air is converted into heat, and if no heat recovery procedures are in place this energy is wasted and enters the atmosphere. Instead, we use the waste heat from our air compressors to heat storage units and the water we use, among other things.

Other measures
Solar panels have been installed on the roof of our new company headquarters, providing electricity which we use ourselves. In addition, by using energy-efficient servers we have reduced our electricity consumption by 500 kWh a week.

Every four years we carry out an energy audit to ensure that we are consistently achieving our sustainability goals, and you benefit from this too – conserving resources reduces costs, which means we can guarantee competitive market prices in the long term.