HT 3000 E Horizontal table – Expansion

Modular work table for a production line (basic module)

  • Stable steel construction
  • Universal system of work tables for lines with a continuous production flow
  • Modular system – basic module + additional module
  • Add-on elements for individualised expansion
  • Additional modules are easy to install
  • Versatile work table for all applications: for example, as an individual table in the production flow, as an in-line workstation for assembly work, as a work table for gasket insertion, for the post-processing of special-order production items or as a buffer zone
  • Table supporting surface with plastic slide bars
  • Adjustable height
  • Simple installation with a modular system design
  • Length 3,000 mm
  • Height 850 – 1,000 mm
  • Width 1,300 mm
  • Weight 100 kg

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