RMZ 4000 Frame assembly centre

  • The innovative and highly efficient hardware drilling and screw driving station for frame hinges and pivots
  • Work quickly and accurately - this machine enables an amazing productivity boost in window manufacturing
  • Thanks to the easy handling and ergonomically designed work sequence, drilling, assembly, and screwing of the tilt/turn hinges can be performed by a single operator.
  • Due to the movable stop system, the time-consuming drilling of locating and screw holes with a template can be omitted
  • The unit can be rotated by 90° for machining multi-sash frames
  • The adjusting device can be positioned in the Y-direction using grid dimensions for drilling pivot bolts into multi-sash frames.
  • The hinges and pivots are screwed to the closed frame by the vertical screwing feed unit which is manually moveable on moving carrier plates.
  • The unit is equipped with an automatic screw infeed, a screwdriver turbine for screwing self drilling screws, and a pneumatic screwing depth stop
  • Pneumatic frame clamping and positioning device can be moved beyond table centre
  • Frame rebate dimensions from 360 to 3,400 mm
  • Two pneumatically lowerable rebate stops with revolver for up to four different frame depths
  • Laser unit shows the screw driving position 
  • Table length 4,040 mm
  • Table width 1,700 mm
  • Total length 4,220 mm
  • Total width 2,010 mm
  • Height 1,720 mm
  • Table height adjustable 950 - 1,050 mm
  • Frame dimension min. 560 x 200 mm
  • Frame dimension max. 3,800 x 1,700 mm
  • Min. profile height 54 mm
  • Max. profile height 110 mm
  • Weight 650 kg
  • Compressed air supply 7 bar
  • Air consumption:


    • Screw driving unit approx. 250 l/min.
    • Clamping unit approx. 40 l/min.


  • Screw dimensions:


    • Head diameters 5.0 - 9.0 mm
    • Shank diameters 3.5 - 4.5 mm
    • Length approx. 10.0 - 35.0 mm


  • Power supply 230/400 V, 3~, 50 Hz
  • Motor power of 1.1 kW at 2,825 rpm
RMZ 4000 Frame assembly centre Frame assembly centre RMZ 4000 Elumatec
RMZ 4000 Frame assembly centre Supporting surfaces Elumatec
RMZ 4000 Frame assembly centre Rebate stops Elumatec
RMZ 4000 Frame assembly centre Screwing unit Elumatec
RMZ 4000 Frame assembly centre Stop system Elumatec
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RMZ 4000 Frame assembly centre Boring head (option) Elumatec

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