VR 3003 F

Vertical roller conveyor

Vertical roller conveyor for transportation of window elements

  • Stable steel construction
  • Vertical roller conveyor for smooth transportation to the next work task as well as for transportation to storage and sorting of the finished windows
  • Easy handling of window elements
  • Every roller conveyor unit is 3,000 mm long
  • Plastic slide bars top and bottom
  • Three mini-roller conveyors with rubber rollers, diameter 50 mm
  • Basic unit with end rack
  • Vertical roller conveyor on rails with flanged rollers, mobile



  • Rail, 2.0 m, left and right
  • End stop for VR
  • Lead-in roller for VR
  • Profile protectors for support rollers (Alum.)
VR 3003 F Vertical roller conveyor VR 3003 F Elumatec
VR 3003 F Support rollers Elumatec
VR 3003 F Mini-roller conveyor Elumatec
VR 3003 F Back support Elumatec
VR 3003 F Grip Elumatec
VR 3003 F Mobility unit Elumatec
VR 3003 F End stop Elumatec
VR 3003 F Lead-in rollers Elumatec
VR 3003 F Profile protectors Elumatec
VR 3003 F Additional mini-roller conveyors Elumatec
Technical data arrow_drop_down
  • Length 3,000 mm
  • Width 1,000 mm
  • Height 2,490 mm
  • Support rollers divided into three parts 3 x 120 mm
  • Unit height 2,100 mm
  • Load 200 kg
  • Weight 180 kg

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