MMS 200 Length stop and measuring system

  • For cutting aluminium profiles to length accurately
  • For mounting on all single-head saws (right-hand side)
  • Stop carriage can be folded back for positioning of profiles
  • Automatic retraction unit: No re-cutting by the saw blade (option)
  • Patented rail and carriage system
  • Length stop and measuring system with sliding stop and difference scale for quick and accurate adjustment


Length variants

  • 3,000 mm
  • 4,500 mm
  • 6,000 mm
  • Special lengths on request
  • Variant for left-hand attachment on request


MMS 200 with E 111
See MMS 200, however:

  • Digital display E 111
  • Accurate dimension adjustment using digital display
  • Switching from absolute dimensions to chain dimensions
  • Actual values of the display are stored when mains is switched off
  • Quick read-out from the digital display. Resolution 0.1 mm
  • Power supply 230 V, 1~, 50/60 Hz
  • Switching between mm/inches
  • Input of any desired reference value by means of front keypad

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