FBS-SPEEDSTAR-1S - Fully automatic sash hardware screw driving unit

  • One electric screw driving unit
  • Processing of up to eight different Euro groove heights - independently of the profile and hardware system
  • Maximum processing quantity through the use of highly dynamic modules and intelligent control technology
  • Gentle screw placement in the sash hinges
  • The integrated remote maintenance feature avoids on-site visits of service technicians
  • Suitable for integration in a production line
  • Hardware pre-mounting table with compartments for long hardware components and corner linkage gears
  • To ensure a continuous material flow in the production process, the sash scissor stay is folded into place via a clamping arm
  • After completion of screw placement, the sashes are automatically sorted and transferred to a vertical buffer rack



  • Automatic stacking
  • Sash hinge drilling
  • Corner hinge screw driving
  • Scissor stay closing function
  • Min. depth, 60 mm
  • Max. depth, 100 mm (incl. mullion profile)
  • Min. facing width, 69 mm (for mullion profile of 49 mm)
  • Max. facing width, 130 mm (150 mm incl. mullion profile)
  • Min. Euro groove height, 30 mm
  • Max. Euro groove height, 50 mm
  • Min. sash rebate width, 320 mm (incl. mullion profile)
  • Max. sash rebate width, 1,600 mm (incl. mullion profile)
  • Min. sash rebate height, 320 mm
  • Max. sash rebate height, 2,600 mm
  • Min. sash glazing rebate width, 220 mm
  • Min. sash glazing rebate height, 220 mm
  • Max. sash weight, 100 kg
  • Cycle time < 2 minutes (depending on the type of hardware)
  • Profile systems: PVC / PVC steel reinforced, profiles / composites

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