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The production automation specialist, CAMäleon Produktionsautomatisierung GmbH, is active worldwide providing technical software in the context of complex, multi-axis CNC fabrication systems. Their know-how is applied successfully in the most diverse industry sectors – especially in cases where standard solutions are simply not enough. The focus here is on the creation, management and transportation of NC data. The portfolio includes the PUMA System®, which is used most extensively in the areas of aviation, the automotive industry, public transportation and the demanding application of curtain wall construction


The PUMA System® is a CAM solution for extruded aluminium profiles. It empowers manufacturing engineers to transform their focused and individualized specifications into reality on the machine. The scope of performance goes far beyond the dialog-driven programming system. Functions such as automatic depth tables, clamp management, origin management, bar optimization, bar machining, cycle machining (rapid fabrication of small parts), CSV interfaces and 3D volume interfaces for SAT and STEP, CatiaV4/V5, Inventor or Pro-Engineer, to name a few, all facilitate the effective manufacture of parts from extruded aluminium.

In addition to a wide array of software options, a comprehensive spectrum of services enhances our range. It includes support by experienced application engineers, seminars on the Puma System® profile machining software and the supplementary modules, production consulting on the customer’s premises, the development of specialized production software or special solutions, the integration of optional features on the machine, support with problematic jobs, ISO-code training, start-up of programs and monitoring the quality of the milling and routing results. What’s more, custom, on-site programming of special parts and the sharing of specific know-how for machining coach bodies of aluminium in the railway sector are also possible.

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Applications for which the PUMA System® is a natural:


  • For curved parts with or without clamping fixtures
  • For unmachined-part tolerances that require measuring to ensure machining tasks are correct relative to an edge or in terms of depth
  • For profiles with elements either welded or screwed on which do not have a uniform cross-section that is the same throughout
  • Milling tasks that require a Z-path or for which the A and C axes must be shifted during machining (i.e. 4 or 5-axis machining tasks)
  • Machining tasks in which close quarters demand the use of angled tools (axis rotated, not orthogonal relative to the machined face)
  • Elaborate curtain walls with numerous end machining tasks
  • Multipass milling or peripheral milling along curved surfaces
  • 5-axis simultaneous milling operations such as with Solidworks, MasterCAM, esprit, etc.
  • 3D models that are not recognized completely and must be reworked by obtaining dimensions from the model
  • Complex machining tasks in which the customer wishes to specify a certain sequence
  • When simulation with unmachined piece extrapolation is required so that the work sequence can be defined
  • Processing and creating 3D models.
  • Deletion of faces, joining of faces, creation of rounded edges and chamfers, all of which requires a full 3D core





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