A commitment to sponsoring

elumatec supports Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences


The request came at short notice, but the decision was easy: elumatec AG will once again support the staff and students of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences by helping to supply teaching and learning resources for the next two semesters.

The intermediary is the German Student Information Service, which since 1960 has supplied students from a wide range of disciplines at various universities and colleges with essential technical literature at no cost with the help of sponsors from industry and commerce.

Sponsored by elumatec AG, access to publications such as the “BetriebsBerater” (a German legal magazine published weekly) is crucial because they provide up-to-date information and findings from the various disciplines, thereby ensuring that the course content remains relevant and practical.


The German Student Information Service has supported education since 1960 by supplying teaching and learning resources

Image copyright: German Student Information Service, Pulheim



It’s no secret that sponsoring combines social commitment with communicative benefit, and that goes for elumatec AG too, as the company is renowned for funding a wide range of different projects, whether through donations or as a sponsor.

The company’s recent projects included donating one of its machines to a leading Austrian university, supporting a benefit football match in the town where elumatec has its headquarters and the “Giving, not gifts!” Christmas charity campaign.


The global market leader sets great store by supporting issues which reflect its position as a long-established company in the Mühlacker region on the one hand, and as part of the exciting Baden-Württemberg innovation and technology hub on the other, with all the responsibilities that entails. This includes providing the best possible education for young people as an investment in the skilled professionals and leaders of tomorrow. After all, as John F Kennedy said, “There is only one thing in the long run more expensive than education: no education.”The German government has also made clear its interest in this issue, as trained and skilled professionals are of vital importance for maintaining the economy and reducing the shortfall of skilled workers. Ralf Haspel, elumatec CEO, is in no doubt: “We have to work together to achieve this, which for us means contributing what we can”, and elumatec AG’s commitment to kickstarting young people’s careers therefore goes beyond providing its own training courses. The Swabian machine manufacturer is proud to support initiatives such as the Student Information Service, where it is joined as sponsor by a number of other big-name companies from different sectors.