Profile machining centre

The SBZ 628 series offers ultimate flexibility in both machining and length cutting of aluminium profiles for metal construction and industrial applications. Its production reliability, speed, cost-effectiveness and impressive versatility make the flexible profile machining centre the perfect all-rounder. It allows fully automatic machining of various profile types, such as for windows, doors and curtain walls, using up to eight routing units that can operate freely on the profile cross-section in coordination with innovations such as combination clamping systems, travelling clamps and pivoting grippers.


SBZ 628 XL: pass-through system for windows, doors and curtain walls

  • Up to eight spindles for routing or drilling
  • Different separating cut strategies from 22.5° to 157.5° and notching (pivoting)
  • Quick-change systems for tension rollers and clamping plates for atypical profiles
  • Mode for manual insertion and clamping of non-stationary profiles.


Machine configuration

  • Left loading magazine for automatic production processes
  • The routing spindles can be positioned continuously over 360° on the profile bar, and the cutting angle can be adjusted continuously over 360° for machining profiles in various clamping situations
  • A generously dimensioned noise abatement enclosure and the easy-access controls and maintenance elements simplify operation
  • Machined profiles are placed gently onto the unloading magazine
  • Versions customised to meet specific customer requirements can be designed upon request



  • Bar lengths up to 10,500 mm
  • Expansion options for outfeed of up to 6,000 mm/8,000 mm
  • “Full bar" outfeed
  • Outfeed of short parts >150 mm
  • Cycling short parts (in single bar mode) >50 mm >150 mm
  • Round tube machining
  • Additional arms in the infeed
  • Label printer
  • Vapour extractor
  • Air conditioner, control cabinet for ambient temperature <35 °C
  • Tools
  • Saw blades
Machining Centres SBZ 628 XL Infeed loading magazine elumatec
Machining Centres SBZ 628 XL Cutting unit elumatec
Machining Centres SBZ 628 XL Gripper system elumatec
Machining Centres SBZ 628 XL Profile clamping elumatec
Machining Centres SBZ 628 XL Machining module elumatec
Machining Centres SBZ 628 XL Profile outfeed with unloading magazine elumatec
Technical data arrow_drop_down

SBZ 628 XL


Max. profile cross-section (WxH)

320 x 160 / 160 x 320 mm

Min. profile cross-section
(depending on gripper position)

30 x 10 mm

Blank bar length

7,600 mm

Finished part length

350-7,600 mm

Short parts (50-150 / 150-350)



Feed magazine


Shortest blank bar length

1,500 mm

Number of swing arms

5 (option for 9)

Mounting positions

10 (above 120 mm 5)




Servo drive


Motorized gripper adjustment


Gripper rotation


Residual piece measurement


Residual piece processing

fully automatic


Machining station




Router spindles

4 - 8 (servo-assisted)






Saw blades (diameter)

1 (550 mm), optional 650 mm 

Sawing angles

22.5° - 157.5° (pivoting)


Standard (from above)


Outfeed clamping carriages




Cycle operation (short parts)



Outfeed conveyor


Lifting station


Number of swing arms


Outfeed conveyor width     

4,000 mm (can be extended)

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