Profile machining centre

  • Designed for economical and efficient machining of aluminium, PVC and thin-walled steel profiles
  • All operations, such as routing, drilling and tapping, are performed while the profile bar is stationary to protect the profile surfaces
  • A rotation unit (rotating mechanism) integrated into the spindle makes it possible to adjust the rotating angle head to 0°, -90°, -180° and -270°
  • Better machining results thanks to the intelligent control technology
  • Fast positioning of the machining unit with up to 120 m/min thanks to dynamic servo drives
  • Tapping without compensation chuck
  • Automatic clamp recognition and clamp positioning
  • Ergonomic operation thanks to the advanced inclined bed
  • Automatic tool changer with four tool tray positions (without tools)
  • Automatic tool changer for an angle head
  • State-of-the-art 3-axis controller
  • The absolute rotary encoder system means no axis homing is required
  • Automatic clamp recognition and positioning prevents collisions
  • Power torque routing motor with enclosed speed control for short spindle start-up and braking times.
  • Certified, drive-integrated safety functions
  • Low power consumption thanks to the intelligent control technology
  • DC link coupling in the axis drives for greater energy efficiency
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Windows operating system
  • 18.5" panel PC, i5 processor, USB ports and network connection
  • Simple, stress-free program entry with eluCam on the operating panel, even during operation
  • Remote online maintenance


Machine configuration

  • Air-cooled 8 kW, S1 routing spindle
  • Enclosure to protect the operator
  • Four horizontal, pneumatic material clamping units
  • A material stop on the left
  • Tool holder HSK-F63
  • Routing spindle with integrated rotation unit (0°, -90°, -180° and -270°) for angle head
  • HSK-F63 rotating angle head for two tools
  • Swarf trays for swarf removal
  • Minimum-volume lubrication system
  • High performance cutting fluid
  • Hand-held operator terminal
  • Depth gauge



  • Tools
  • Tool holders
  • Automatic tool changer for max. four standard tools
  • Automatic tool changer for angle head
  • Green Line cooling unit for the control cabinet with reduced energy consumption
  • Barcode scanner
  • Protective enclosure can optionally completely enclose the machine on all sides
  • Four clamps as standard. Can be equipped with up to eight clamps
  • Material reference stop (right) for positioning workpieces with overlength machining
  • Additional stop for overlength machining (left)
  • Length measurement on both sides
  • Double clamping and other accessories on request
  • 21.6" panel PC, i7 processor
  • Note holder
  • Sound insulation hood
Products for machining steel SBZ 122/71 Tool magazine elumatec
Products for machining steel SBZ 122/71 Double clamping elumatec
Products for machining steel SBZ 122/71 Profile machining centre SBZ 122/71 elumatec
Products for machining steel SBZ 122/71 Machining area, Y and Z-axes elumatec
Products for machining steel SBZ 122/71 Machining area, Y and Z-axes elumatec
Products for machining steel SBZ 122/71 Machining area, Y and Z-axes elumatec
Technical data arrow_drop_down

SBZ 122/71


Max. machining length without profile end machining  

4,150 mm

Max. machining length with profile end machining

4,000 mm

Traverse path X-axis

4,295 mm, Vmax. 120 m/min.

Traverse path Y-axis

910 mm, Vmax. 60 m/min.

Traverse path Z-axis

475 mm, Vmax. 50 m/min.

Direction of machining

5 (above, behind, front, left, right)

Positioning accuracy

+/- 0.1 mm

Routing spindle speed

max. 24,000 rpm

Routing spindle power

8 kW, S1 with feedback (air-cooled) 

Tool holder


Tool changing


Tool tray positions in the automatic magazine

4 (max. 16)

Angle head


Disc milling cutter diameter

120 mm

Saw blade diameter


Tool length (from extent of taper)

max. 150 mm

Clamp positioning



Basic (with round guides)



Compressed air supply

> 7 bar

Power supply

400 V, 3~, 50 Hz, 25 A

Air consumption per minute

approx. 185 l with spraying

Total length

6,592 mm


2,171 mm


3,000 mm


approx. 2,900 kg

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