The SBZ 628 series offers ultimate flexibility in both machining and length cutting of aluminium profiles for metal construction and industrial applications. Its production reliability, speed, cost-effectiveness and impressive versatility make the flexible profile machining centre the perfect all-rounder. It allows fully automatic machining of various profile types, such as for windows, doors and curtain walls, using up to eight routing units that can operate freely on the profile cross-section in coordination with innovations such as travelling clamps and pivoting grippers.


SBZ 628 S: pass-through system for windows, doors and curtain walls

  • Four spindles for routing or drilling
  • Separating cuts from -45° to 90° (lead cut), from 90° to 45° (end cut) continuously adjustable


Machine configuration

  • Left loading magazine for automatic production processes
  • The routing spindles can be positioned continuously over 360° on the profile bar for machining profiles in various clamping situations
  • A generously dimensioned noise abatement enclosure and the easy-access controls and maintenance elements simplify operation
  • Machined profiles are placed gently onto the unloading magazine
  • Versions customized to meet specific customer requirements can be designed upon request



  • Bar lengths up to 10,500 mm
  • Expansion options for outfeed of up to 6,000 mm/8,000 mm
  • Additional arms in the infeed
  • Rotary gripper
  • Label printer
  • Vapour extractor
  • Air conditioner, control cabinet for ambient temperature <35 °C
  • Tools
  • Saw blades
Products for machining aluminium SBZ 628 S Infeed loading magazine elumatec
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Technical data arrow_drop_down

SBZ 628 S


Max. profile cross-section (WxH)

200 x 160 / 160 x 200 mm

Min. profile cross-section
(depending on gripper position)

30 x 10 mm


Blank bar length

7,600 mm

Finished part length

350-4,600 mm

Short parts (50-150 / 150-350)



Feed magazine


Shortest blank bar length

3,000 mm

Number of swing arms

5 (option for 9)

Mounting positions

10 (above 120 mm 5)




Servo drive


Motorized gripper adjustment


Gripper rotation


Residual piece measurement


Residual piece processing

manual feeding < 3,000


Machining station




Router spindles

4 (servo-assisted)






Saw blades (diameter)

1 (650 mm)

Sawing angles

45° - 135° (pivoting)




Outfeed clamping carriages




Cycle operation (short parts)



Outfeed conveyor


Lifting station


Number of swing arms


Outfeed conveyor width (options)        

4,000 mm



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