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elumatec opens new infocenter in Mühlacker

elumatec opens new infocenter in Mühlacker


The world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of machines for machining aluminium, PVC and steel profiles has opened a redesigned centre of excellence, the only one of its kind in the industry, offering a wide range of presentation, training and testing opportunities for the full elumatec product range.


In May 2022, elumatec AG opened the doors of its new infocenter, initially without great fanfare due to the pandemic. Over the last few months a bright, state-of-the-art centre has been created in an industrial hub not far from the company headquarters in Mühlacker, and the centrepiece of the flagship location is a hall measuring over 4000 square metres where the full elumatec product range is on display. Offices, meeting rooms and other facilities are also part of the completely redesigned building complex, which will in future be available for a variety of purposes, both for customers from all over the world and for elumatec staff, e.g. in customer service and sales.



In May 2022, elumatec welcomed the first visitors to the new infocenter for presentations, talks and the chance to exchange ideas.

Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker, Germany


Bright, full of new technology, close to customers: the new testing and training centre is more than a classic showroom.

Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker, Germany



“The new infocenter represents a major investment for us – in many respects."

Paolo F. Bianchi, CEO elumatec AG



“For some time, our aim within the global elumatec Group has been to implement a highly professional concept for showcasing our range, training staff and developing products. By opening the new infocenter here in Mühlacker, we have achieved another milestone at the cutting edge of quality and technology. Our subsidiaries in North America at South Bend, Indiana, and in China at Shanghai, have already opened centres of excellence, and we have now inaugurated the third elumatec infocenter in the form of this flagship facility at our German headquarters”, Bianchi continues.



State-of-the-art and unique in the industry:

the new elumatec AG infocenter in Mühlacker

Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker, Germany


Everything under one roof:

the entire elumatec range including someco, the new PVC machine brand

Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker, Germany


Chris Nicholls, Chief Sales Officer of elumatec AG and therefore responsible for global sales, adds:

“We work very closely with our customers, and from their feedback we know that the requirements of the markets, the needs of individual users and the challenges of each industry are becoming increasingly specialised and ever more complex. That makes it all the more important that we have the flexibility to showcase our full product range around the clock in an in-house environment designed for that exact purpose, and also to carry out specific and customised testing, training and briefings for and with our customers.

For us at elumatec AG, this interaction with our customers is the driving force behind the enhancement and continuous development of our products, and it’s crucial both for their success and for ours. That’s why this infocenter is above all an investment for our customers.”



Over 4000 square metres bursting with technology and innovation:

the new elumatec AG centre of excellence accommodates the entire product range.
Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker, Germany


In a history stretching back more than 90 years, elumatec has grown from a craft business into a global enterprise. Since 2014 the elumatec group has been part of the Italian Voilàp holding, which not only approved the necessary investment for the infocenter but also the purchase of the previously leased administration and production buildings at its headquarters – a clear demonstration of the parent company’s commitment to the Mühlacker site in Germany.


What’s more: In addition to the familiar product range including Office service solutions, the newly opened infocenter also showcases three new developments in the CNC sector – the SBZ 118, SBZ 125/85 (expected to be available from Q1 2023) and SBZ 155 (expected to be available from Q1 2023) profile machining centres – as well as the product range of the Voilàp Group’s new PVC brand, Someco.