Designing the perfect tools for elumatec machines


Ever since the Stone Age, when our ancestors first laboured to make rudimentary hand axes, we have known that the right tool produces better results and saves both energy and time. And that’s more true than ever in our high-tech Industry 4.0 era.


On-site with saw blade manufacturers
If we take a look behind the scenes at tool development for elumatec, that doesn’t necessarily mean at our eadquarters in Mühlacker-Lomersheim. Take saw blades, for instance: to develop the best possible blade for the prototype of a new elumatec sawing machine, we set the machine up at the saw blade manufacturer and spend hour after hour testing how the blades cut aluminium profiles. There are lots of variables to consider: what is the right number of teeth for the wrought alloy being machined? Which geometry produces the quickest feed and the best chip removal?


Not even the smallest detail escapes the watchful gaze of the testers. How quickly did the operation end? Were any manual finishing touches required? Which saw blades passed muster, and which didn’t quite cut the mustard?


Profile machining centre SBZ 628 S

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“elumatec offers tailor-made tool solutions

in an allinclusive service package.”


The perfect tool for every elumatec line
“Any machine is only as good as the tools that come into contact with the workpiece”, explains Michael Dehm, Head of Technical Sales at elumatec. “As a global market leader, our customers quite rightly expect nothing but the highest quality and reliability from us, so we decided early on that we would also supply tools designed specifically for our machines.”


Saw blade development is just one example, as Rutger Stuber from elumatec’s Applications Engineering department describes: “The saw blade tests showed that increasing the number of teeth from 110 to 120 produced a big improvement in the cutting results. With HS cutters we found that a larger grinding angle of 15° created more space for the chips, resulting in quicker propulsion, lower wear and ultra-clean surfaces without subsequently having to do anything by hand. That saves time for our customers and makes their operations more cost-effective.”


Profile machining centre SBZ 131

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Quality from a single source
A tailor-made tool will sit snugly in the tool holder, work as efficiently as it should and enable trouble-free chip removal, resulting in perfect surfaces and a long service life. Berthold Scherer from the Applications Engineering department sums it up: “Our customers know that our saw blades, disc milling cutters, HS cutters and VHM cutters are designed especially for the aluminium wrought alloys of the materials and for the applications of the machine.” And for other materials? “For PVC profiles we have a wide range of optimised saw blades, disc milling cutter sets, HS cutters, groove knives, handle hole drills, Teflon films and VHM cutters. And we also offer steel reinforcement for special applications such as house door manufacturing.”


Profile machining centre SBZ 628 S

Copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


The range of elumatec tools also includes collets, tool racks and lubricating and cooling sprays. And elumatec tools go hand in hand with elumatec software: for machining centres with eluCam and the eluCad office software, the operating data for the optimised tools is integrated as standard. As if that weren’t enough, the subject of tools is covered extensively in the training elumatec offers for its products, as Osman Bütün from the Applications Engineering department makes clear.


Efficient customer service – a winning formula
When machine, tools, customer service and support are all supplied as part of an all-inclusive service package, then that’s good news for Purchasing and Controlling too. A single, expert contact means deadlines are more likely to be met, machines are utilised more effectively, and customers ultimately get better value for money. “That’s what we owe our customers, and by remaining loyal to us they show how much they value what we do for them”, explains Michael Bührle, Head of After Sales. “Giving them the best quality and productivity is a key element in our company philosophy.”




Our tips for the best results, higher efficiency and less noise when working with tools:

  • Clamp the workpiece securely (with at least two pneumatic clamps or a vice).
  • Clamp the workpiece close to where it will be machined.
  • Clamp tools for as short a time as possible.
  • Aim sprays carefully to aid machining.
  • Observe the recommended dosages for elumatec sprays.
  • For hard metal tools, ensure the collets and the tool holders move smoothly.
  • Only use well-balanced tool systems.
  • Ensure synchronous running – avoid counter rotation.



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