Harig Group buys one thousandth elumatec profile machining centre in the 6xx series


Sometimes a fleeting moment embodies the full array of elements that constitute the essence of a long-standing business relationship. One of those moments took place at the booth party at Fensterbau Frontale 2018: Ralf Haspel, CEO of elumatec AG, called Joachim Harig onto the stage to thank him. At the trade fair, Harig Metallbau had just purchased the 1,000th profile machining centre in the 6xx series, representing the high point to date in a collaboration that has been equally fruitful and instructive for both partners.


elumatec CEO Ralf Haspel (left) and Joachim Harig, CEO at Metallbau Harig,

congratulate each other on the sale of the 1,000th profile machining centre from the 600 series.

Image copyright:  elumatec AG, Mühlacker



With its automated motion sequences, the Profile machining centre SBZ 628 XL purchased by Harig shines in everyday applications and ensures greater production flexibility. The innovative technology integrated in the machine, entailing a combination of a rotation module and a saw unit, is a one-of-a-kind for Europe and gives companies like Metallbau Harig competitive advantages: “Thanks to the rotation module, we are able to employ up to eight different tools in a single pass and even use them at any angle desired!” says Harig, continuing, “That reduces the number of work steps and creates an enormous economic advantage for us”.


“At elumatec, everyone is committed and on the ball.”


That sounds like a win-win situation, which Joachim Harig also confirms: “The individualists at elumatec understand us – the machine is perfect for our needs. Off-the-rack products are common, but the flexibility of an elumatec machine can’t be beat.” The partners know – and appreciate – each other and have for more than 15 years. The Harig Group is the largest metal construction company in the Saarpfalz district. At two locations, 80 employees manufacture products
including windows, doors and sun protection equipment made of aluminium or plastic on a floor space of 80,000 m². They are also assembled.


The Harig metal construction firm has two locations in Bexbach,

Saarpfalz-Kreis in Saarland.

Image copyright: Metallbau Harig, Bexbach


Harig’s special strength is handling projects with a volume of up to 2.5 million euros. Customers come from both the private sector and industry, and municipalities are also amongst their clients. All of them have one thing in common: They are not looking for off-the-shelf products, but instead require custom solutions. Custom often also means that the products must meet the highest demands and be able to withstand extreme conditions.


For example, a Harig customer in Kuwait where the final result must endure temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius. “For the elumatec machines that are designed for individual requirements, this is not a problem”, says Joachim Harig. More than 15 years ago, the Harig Group purchased the Profile machining centre SBZ 610/13, one of the first fully automatic profile machining centres in the 6xx series. Harig also uses the Profile machining centre SBZ 140 as well as the DG 244 double mitre saw and two TS 161 table saws. “The purchase of our 1,000th SBZ is the most recent evidence of a collaboration characterized by efficiency and trust – factors that have been key in our relationship with elumatec since day one”, says Harig. One example of this would be the use of the SBZ 610/13. The machine was originally intended for PVC machining.


In 2001, it was then also optimized for the processing of aluminium. “That conversion process was a learning opportunity for both of us and was very beneficial overall”, recalls Joachim Harig. The Profile machining centre SBZ 628 XL now replaces the old machine. It is employed for all Harig products, including window and door manufacturing as well as for façades or fire-protection and sliding elements.


The service measures up too

There is another important piece in the elumatec package as well: Being flexible also means that the service provided has to measure up. Over the years, elumatec has proven to be a reliable partner in this respect as well, as Harig emphasizes: “At elumatec, everyone is committed and on the ball: from the manager of sales to those in technical design.” Individual consultancy and fast reaction times are a matter of course at elumatec – just as they are for us.” The CEO has special praise for elumatec’s support, the spare parts service and their delivery reliability – “These are in addition to the impressive planning and the execution of custom solutions”. In summary, Harig decided for an overall package that is as convincing in terms of technology as are the employees who competently handled the project right from the first step. 



“Faster and better optimized workflows, more flexibility for individualized production and improved cost-effectiveness – all thanks to automation.” This is Joachim Harig’s summary of the advantages of the SBZ 628 XL. It has a loading magazine for an automated production workflow – its rotation module allows the use of up to eight different tools per pass. The patented motorized gripper system, which can be rotated and adjusted vertically and horizontally, moves complex profile cross-sections into position for machining with precision and speed. The router spindle, which can be rotated up to 360°, and the continuously adjustable saw blade allow profiles to be machined in a wide variety of clamping situations.


Profile machining centre SBZ 628 XL

Image copyright: elumatec AG



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