elumatec sharpens their profile for partners from South America

  • Experts from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru investigate automation in window manufacturing as well as elumatec’s innovations
  • Great interest in new profile machining centres
  • Further interaction is planned

No matter what part of the world specialists from the sector of aluminium and PVC profiles come from, they all speak one common language: the language of precision, quality and reliability in machines and processing units. And that is the reason the 48 experts from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Columbia and Peru all quickly found a common basis of understanding with their German hosts during their visit to the elumatec headquarters in Lomersheim. An animated exchange of information developed centring around the topic of “Automation in Window Manufacturing” and the new products elumatec exhibited at the international trade fair “fensterbau/frontale 2014” in Nuremberg. Plans call for this to be intensified even more in the future.


Every two years, architects, carpenters, window manufacturers, facade manufacturers and trade partners from all over the globe gather at the fensterbau/frontale to get the latest information on new profile systems, the use of glass in architecture, fastening technology, machines, systems and much more. The trade fair is a showcase for innovations from around the world dealing with windows, doors and facades and is therefore one of the most important and successful trade fairs in the industry today.

As the global leader in the manufacturing of machines for processing aluminium, PVC and steel profiles, elumatec is an exhibitor that for many years now has been sought out by a great number of international visitors. This year, the firm, with headquarters in Mühlacker-Lomersheim in Southern Germany, enjoyed great interest expressed in their products by visitors from South America. As a result of efforts by long-term business partners from the profile and hardware manufacturing sector, a delegation of 48 practitioners and specialists from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru accepted the invitation to take a look at elumatec’s state-of-the-art facility for themselves on site.

The newest elumatec profile machining centres (SBZ) were demonstrated for the experts during the course of a company tour. Special interest was directed towards the SBZ 608, which delivers flexible routing, drilling and screwing operations as well as profile-independent automatic processing of PVC profiles both with and without steel reinforcement.



The experts were also fascinated by the SBZ 122, which is especially designed for 5-sided processing of very long profiles (up to 6.70 m in length) in metal construction, processing thick-walled profiles and tapping. They were particularly impressed with the 3-axis controller and the ability to easily program machining jobs directly on the machine using the eluCam system.

Profile machining centre SBZ 122/64

What turned out to be even more impressive was the 5-axis profile machining centre, the SBZ 151, specifically designed for the economical and productive processing of aluminium and steel profiles and delivers the highest degree of efficiency for virtually every imaginable machining task. All operations, such as routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching and sawing, are performed on stationary profile stock to protect the profile surfaces. The on-board tool magazines provide short tool changing times, thereby ensuring optimal processing cycles. The magazines can be equipped with 13 standard tools and 7 special tools (angle routing head and special routers). Furthermore, two separate machining zones allow for shuttle operation when machining.

Profile machining centre SBZ 151

These impressions were subsequently enhanced through lectures by Joachim Zaulig, the Business Development Manager of elumatec Germany, Andreas Pum and Martin Bohner, the Managing Director of elumatec in Argentina. Joachim Zaulig provided an overview of the entire range of elumatec products as well as comprehensive information on the company’s newest PVC projects. The area of aluminium processing machines was presented by Andreas Pum, the Managing Director of Aptec, elumatec’s business partner in Spain. Martin Bohner gave information on performance statistics and references for elumatec as a partner in large, international projects, especially in the Spanish-speaking world. Afterward there was an opportunity for technical discussions as well as for personal interaction during the ensuing evening event at Burg Ravensburg.

 “The discussion demonstrated the potential that exists for our products in South America. We gained promising business contacts through personal conversations in just a brief time, which we will now be able to pursue,” remarked a satisfied Martin Bohner. “The great interest encouraged us to lose no time in building on our new contacts and strengthening our presence in South America,” added Joachim Zaulig in a closing summary.