90 years of elumatec history

An anniversary presentation with a wealth of innovation at the fensterbau frontale 2018


On course for innovation for 90 years: elumatec AG's presentation to the international audience of specialists at the FENSTERBAU FRONTALE in Nuremberg was once again characterized by a trade fair programme with a great deal of variety. From 21 to 24 March, the global market leader in machines for processing aluminium, plastic and steel profiles generated enthusiasm with numerous product innovations and in particular with the special model of the SBZ 151 profile machining centre. With a trade fair booth featuring more than 600 square metres of floor space, elumatec displayed the coming generations of further machines for efficient, automated and flexible profile machining in the areas of aluminium, PVC and steel. Moreover, both craftsmen and industrial users gained exciting insights into the company's tradition-rich history. The trade fair booth set up by jointly by elumatec and Stürtz Maschinenbau GmbH offered additional fascinating perspectives on the various degrees of automation possible in the machining of PVC profiles. The sale of the 1000th profile machining centre from the 6xx series, an SBZ 628 XLto the Metallbau Harig GmbH company, served as an occasion for elumatec CEO Ralf Haspel to thank all partners and customers for the long-standing working relationship of many years.


An overview of trade fair highlights:

  • Special anniversary model, profile machining centre SBZ 151 Edition 90: All of the proven advantages of this all-rounder packaged in a new design and with an optimized control system as well as a new clamp concept and eluCloud Ready.

Special anniversary SBZ 151 Edition 90 profile machining centre: The all-rounder redesigned, eluCloud ready and with a

new-generation control system,  ergonomic control unit and an optimized clamping concept.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

  • 4-axis profile machining centre SBZ 141: The new top model in the SBZ 14x series with a machine bed featuring ergonomic and structural improvements and autonomous clamp positioning
  • German Design Award Winner: The 5-axis profile machining centre SBZ 122/75 attains flexibility and speeds as well as acceleration values that have not yet been seen in this market segment. The German Design Award is the prestigious international prize awarded by the German Design Council. Its aim is to discover, publicise and recognise unique and innovative design trends. Every year, high-quality submissions are received from the world of product and communication design, which all in their own way break new boundaries in the international design landscape.
  • SBZ 122/71 profile machining centre: The 3-axis version from the SBZ 122 family delivers economical and efficient machining of aluminium, PVC and steel profiles.
  • elumatec's 90th anniversary: Insights into the company's history
  • Sale of the 1000th profile machining centre from the successful 6xx series to the Metallbau Harig GmbH company


At the trade fair, Ralf Haspel, CEO of elumatec AG, took a look at 90 years of company history. He emphasized the pioneer spirit and rapid responses to continually changing requirements as decisive factors for the enterprise's success. And that is to remain so in the future: "Throughout the decades, we were always in a position to offer products and technologies that set new standards. With new ideas, we were always one step ahead." That - along with reliable and practical proximity to customers - is what elumatec stands for, said Haspel: "Whether for the craftsman's business or for industrial profile processors, we have always developed solutions completely in line with the exact needs of our customers and their industry sectors. That's what has made elumatec the global market leader and has motivated many customers to long-term loyalty. The anniversary is an ideal occasion for us to say thank you to you", summarized Haspel.


SBZ 151 Edition 90: Special anniversary model with advantages, old and new

When it comes to efficiency in machining aluminium and thin-walled steel profiles, the 5-axis profile machining centre SBZ 151 Edition 90 achieved notoriety as a master in its field at the very latest when it was used in the construction of the dome of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The Edition 90 features the proven advantages of the all-rounder in a new, contemporary design: The hood and the user interface have been redesigned and the control-system updated. A new clamp concept rounds out the package. With processing lengths of between 6 and 30 metres, the SBZ 151 - including the Edition 90 - enables the machining of exceptionally long parts especially for industrial applications. All work operations, such as routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching and sawing are performed on the stationary profile bar, ensuring that the profile surfaces are handled as gently as possible. Clamps with height and width adjustments and quick-change support blocks enable optimal profile clamping and full exploitation of the machining possibilities. In addition, an optional angle head makes it possible to also machine profiles from below, ensuring that they can be worked on from all six sides with a single clamping operation. The on-board tool magazine reduces the time required for tool changing. The robust and low-wear direct drives also deliver an impressive tempo. They enable rapid acceleration and positioning of the machining assembly. Two separate work zones allow the machine to be used in shuttle operation. Furthermore the SBZ 151 Edition 90 is "eluCloud" ready right from the start. In summary: The high degree of automation and the advanced control technology featured in the SBZ 151 Edition 90 realize customer requirements in the metal construction industry flexibly, quickly and accurately.


Profile machining centre SBZ 151 Edition 90:

5-axis centre with enhanced pivoting range of -110° to +110°. 

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

Profile machining centre SBZ 151 Edition 90:

The new clamp concept enables processing of exceptionally long parts. 

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker



SBZ 141: Top model with new machine bed and autonomous clamp positioning

The 4-axis profile machining centre SBZ 141 is the new top model in the SBZ 14x series. It was carefully developed in line with the requirements of elumatec customers based on market observations, yet in an astoundingly short period of time. The machine bed of the SBZ 141 is more stable and ergonomic and the autonomous clamp positioning is a new feature. It allows more efficient cycling of the machining steps thereby reducing pass-through times.

4-axis profile machining centre SBZ 141: The new top model in the SBZ 14x series comes with an improved machine bed and autonomous clamp positioning.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


SBZ 122/75: High-precision, exceptional range of applications, extremely fast

The German Design Award 2018 winner proves to be unique in its class in terms of features. The powerful 5-axis profile machining centre SBZ 122/75 for metal construction firms and industrial applications persuades with precision at the highest level and the broadest possible variety in the application range. What's more, it achieves speeds and acceleration values the likes of which have never before been seen in this market segment. The SBZ 122/75 provides a maximum of compactness on a minimal footprint. Plus, it offers an advantage that can have a decisive influence on competitivity: Its innovative drive and control technology enable energy savings of up to 30 percent as compared to the predecessor series.

German Design Award Winner: The SBZ 122/75 5-axis profile machining centre attains speeds and acceleration values that have not yet been seen in this market segment.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

SBZ 122/71: All-rounder for efficient window and door machining

The profile machining centre SBZ 122/71 is the 3-axis version in the elumatec model family for metal construction customers in the entry-level segment of the automated aluminium, PVC and steel profile machining industry. It sets new benchmarks in terms of power, ergonomics and benefit level with its intelligent control technology, powerful servo motors and machine bed designed for high rates of travel. The SBZ 122/71 provides short machining cycles and, thanks to the protective enclosure, has a minimalistic footprint. All operations, such as routing, drilling and tapping are performed while the profile bar is stationary to protect the profile surfaces. The intelligent control technology delivers additional optimization of work results.

Profile machining centre SBZ 122/71: The 3-axis version from the SBZ 122 family delivers economical and efficient machining of aluminium, PVC and steel profiles.

 Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

SBZ 609: a fast PVC downstream centre in a revised design

With the use of linear technology, elumatec has accommodated current market needs in the revision of the SBZ 609 PVC downstream centre. Furthermore, the design of the hood and the control panel has been optimized with a view towards more efficient operation. The fast downstream centre is intended for reinforcement screw driving with parallel drilling and routing of cut-to-length profiles for window and door manufacturing with and without steel reinforcement. With its portal design, the SBZ 609 is ideally suited for high profile cross-sections and process-optimized throughput. Simultaneous reinforcement screw driving is made possible by an offset screw driving station which provides additional efficiency for workflow processes.

Downstream PVC centre SBZ 609: A fast downstream centre for reinforcement screw driving, drilling and routing cut-to-length profiles for window, door and curtain wall manufacturing. 

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

DG 142: Double mitre saw with new E 390 positioning control

The double mitre saw DG 142 is used by elumatec customers especially in large-scale series production involving 90° and 45° length cutting. The double mitre saw is available with three different control systems from the most low-cost model with the E 111 digital display, on to the optically and technically improved E 390 positioning control, the successor to the E 355, or a single-axis E 580 PC control system. The machine, featuring the latest in safety technology, is available in 3, 4.5 and 6.0 metre versions, and various different options can also be supplied, such as a label printer, additional roller conveyors, etc. as well as software enhancements for chop and overlength cuts.


Glazing bead saw GLS 192: Double cut and new frame systems

In the classic elumatec product, glazing bead saw GLS 192, the clamping equipment has been revised and two new frame systems on the glazing bead saw offer the option of cutting without extraction. As an alternative, an integrated extraction nozzle allows connection of an extraction system. The GLS 192 is equipped with special saw blades which allow simultaneous undercutting of the glass bead profile. A double cut in which two glazing bead profiles are cut simultaneously also presents no problem. The sawing operation is carried out automatically and the GLS 192 is operated by means of a foot switch.

Glazing bead saw GLS 192: The new version of this classic with redesigned clamping technology makes it possible to cut two glazing beads simultaneously, among other things.

 Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


elumatec's 90th anniversary: A review of icons in their time

From wood processing to the premier of the profile machining centres on to software development: 90 years of elumatec history came alive at the trade fair. Visitors enjoyed exciting insights into the company's past.

90 years of elumatec history: During the anniversary year, time was also taken to review the past – including elumatec innovations that set new standards in their time.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

elusoft: Reduce costs, safeguard operational readiness, optimize production

The elumatec subsidiary, elusoft, also presented their software solutions, eluCad 4.1 and eluCloud, in Nuremberg. eluCloud is the joint solution from elumatec and elusoft for the acquisition and analysis of machine data. eluCloud provides companies with tips concerning optimization options. These lower costs and safeguard the operational readiness of your machines. The data gathered by eluCloud and the real-time processing and analyses show what is currently taking place in production and what has already been accomplished. Machine, part and production data is captured. Thus, eluCloud opens the door to Industry 4.0, the Smart Factory and the Internet of Things. The eluCad programming software makes it possible for users to configure their profile machining centres without having to be able to write ISO code on their own. eluCad persuades in practice through the greatest possible flexibility and user friendliness. Version 4.1 of the software was presented at the trade fair.


Data power for working efficiency and cost reductions: eluCloud provides information

on possible optimization measures of its own accord.

 Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker





Cooperative booth with Stürtz: PVC in focus

As an added benefit, elumatec and Stürtz Maschinenbau GmbH provided practice-oriented insights into various degrees of automation for PVC profile machining at their joint trade fair booth. Production facilities for the craftsman business up to fully automated industrial operations featuring capacities ranging from 30 to 300 windows per day.

Joint trade fair booth elumatec AG and Stürtz Maschinenbau GmbH  

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker  











Sale of profile machining centre number 1000 from the 6xx series

Together with partners and customers, the sale of the 1000th profile machining centre from the 6xx series was celebrated in Nuremberg. The SBZ 628 XL profile machining centre will enhance the machine pool of Joachim Harig, CEO of J. Harig GmbH. The Harig Metallbau company and elumatec have enjoyed a business relationship based on mutual trust for more than 15 years. Initially, Harig purchased one of the first fully automatic profile machining centres in the 6xx series. Since then, he has relied on the consistent quality made by elumatec. "Satisfied customers make us proud and motivate us in the development of fresh ideas and to invest in innovations", said Ralf Haspel, CEO of elumatec AG on the occasion of reaching the 1000 mark.

Partnership for more than 15 years: Heike Harig, Ralf Haspel, Board Chairman of elumatec AG

and Joachim Harig, CEO of Metallbau Harig (r.).

 Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


About elumatec AG

elumatec AG is a global leader in the manufacturing of machines for processing aluminium, PVC and steel profiles. With its extensive product range, the company covers the entire spectrum of applications from small craftsman's businesses to industrial profile processors. Custom-designed and modular machinery concepts provide flexible and individualised industry solutions for all groups of customers. The company, which is headquartered in the Swabian town of Mühlacker and was founded in 1928, has subsidiaries and dealers in more than 50 countries, employs about 700 people worldwide and achieved consolidated sales of over 130 million euros in 2017.