Training as a mechatronics engineer

What skills do I need to have?
You need a good school-leaving certificate (Realschule), manual dexterity and should have an interest in technology and electronics. Logical thinking and good spatial perception should give you confidence to learn to work with drawings and circuit diagrams over the course of your training.

How is the training structured?

The training lasts three and a half years and takes place both in vocational school and on the company premises. At elumatec, your varied course of training will take you to the areas of mechanics, electronics, production and development. The primary topics are:

  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Programming controllers
  • Servicing mechanical and electrical systems
  • Assembly of machines and systems
  • Commissioning and maintenance of 
  • complex mechatronic systems

What can I do later as a mechatronics engineer?
Mechatronics engineers are in demand as specialists in a world in which mechanics and electronics are merging more and more. They take on responsible tasks in production and quality assurance, are specialists for the commissioning and maintenance of computer-controlled machines and assist engineers in the development of new machines and controllers.

Can I obtain further qualifications after completing the training?

Continuing education to become a technician or a master tradesperson opens up additional career possibilities. There are career advancement opportunities involving managerial responsibilities as well as specialisations, for example, as a teacher for those in training or in leading user training sessions.


When does training begin and how can I apply?

The training places for September 2021 are all already taken.


If you are interested, please send your application via e-mail to:
elumatec AG
Bernd Hadamofsky