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eluCad makes it easy to program profile machining centres. This user-friendly software is designed so that the user does not have to program using ISO code directly – all that is required is the entry of the data in a logically structured graphic user interface. Operating the program is intuitive, can be customised and is characterised by practical functionality. A 3D view provides a clear overview by displaying the designed parts realistically on the screen. The profile machining software can take data from various different design programs and process them further. eluCad generates the machining program and optimises the tools and machining paths for the selected profile machining centre. A collision check prevents expensive machine crashes and associated down times. New tools can be created quickly and easily in the software.


Recognise and program machining tasks automatically


The greatest benefit you gain from being our customer comes from the know-how of the team that stands behind the products: It consists of experienced practitioners who use their creativity, know-how and passion to develop our targeted solutions. These characteristics have enabled the team to take and maintain a leading role in what they do best. The constantly changing variety of products our customers offer requires continuous innovation and adaptability on the part of elusoft. The team is both ready and able to meet this challenge. Among the highlights is a 3D converter which in mere seconds recognises and programs the information about the profile length, profile cross-section and machining tasks that is contained in a 3D model. This automatic conversion eliminates the need to enter the data by hand. Create your machining programs quickly and transfer them to the machine easily. The converter arranges profiles in the correct clamping configuration right away based on database information. For example, curtain wall elements with multiple profile parts can be imported as a complete assembly.

Elusoft’s range includes software products such as Bar Optimisation, Bar Machining, Clamp Management, Cycle Machining (for fast production of small parts) and CSV interfaces as well as other interfaces. The spectrum of services includes: Support by experienced application engineers, seminars on the eluCad profile machining software and the supplementary modules, product consulting on the customer’s premises, the development of specialised production software or special solutions, the integration of optional features on the machine, support with problematic jobs, ISO-code training, start-up of programs and monitoring the quality of the milling and routing results. 


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