The new elumatec SBZ 118 offers full functionality in a minimal footprint

Compact 3-axis profile machining centre with optional 5-sided machining ensures high productivity through precision, ergonomics and customizable equipment options


Compact, fast, versatile: elumatec, one of the world’s leading premium suppliers of systems for machining aluminium, PVC and steel profiles, has combined the functionality of larger models with an extremely compact design in the SBZ 118 profile machining centre.


The new SBZ 118: compact, user-friendly, ready for Industry 4.0.
Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


“This combination makes the SBZ 118 the perfect introduction to the world of CNC machining,” says Chris Nicholls, Chief Sales Officer at elumatec AG. The prototype of the SBZ 118 was on display for the first time at the ÉquipBaie trade fair in Paris from 21 to 24 September 2021, with the production model making its world debut in May 2022 in elumatec Germanys new Centre of Excellence.



The SBZ 118 machining unit: fast changeovers and flexible 5-sided machining.

Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

Tool magazines: short changeover times, with two optional magazines to enable 5-sided machining.

Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker



With its machining length of three metres, the SBZ 118 profile machining centre is the most compact CNC machine in the current elumatec range. Although it requires little space in production, the 3-axis profile machining centre offers full functionality for routing, drilling and notching. Automated CNC machining can be carried out from up to five sides with an optional angle head and end milling machine. The inclined bed technology and the on-board 5-fold tool changer make it easy to use, and the new front visor enables ergonomic and above all safe operation, even for tall people. A side service door facilitates set-up and maintenance.




A wide range of options allows the SBZ 118

to machine profiles over 3 m long.

Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker
  With an inclined bed and a large working area, the SBZ 118 makes machining as efficient and ergonomic as possible.
Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker



Ready for Industry 4.0

The SBZ 118 is eluCloud ready to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. “It’s future-proof, it’s flexible thanks to its compact design, it’s versatile and it’s powerful – the SBZ 118 has everything that makes a successful production machine investment for our customers,” says Nicholls. When developing this new entry-level model, as always elumatec focused on meeting the needs of customers, who should always be able to adjust the specific configuration of their machines to suit their purposes. So the SBZ 118 has customizable equipment options, including up to two on-board angle head changers, expansion to up to six clamps, an additional length stop with overlength machining and a barcode scanner.




The SBZ 118 runs on Windows and is controlled via the proven ECI user interface.
Picture credit: elumatec AG, Mühlacker



The benefits of the SBZ 118 at a glance:

  • Machining area up to 230 x 230 mm, even with maximum tool lengths
  • Minimal footprint thanks to the machine’s protective enclosure
  • Precise machining results even at high rates of travel
  • Low power consumption thanks to intelligent control technology
  • High process reliability, even with quickly changing loads, thanks to RPM-regulated spindles
  • Short machining cycles thanks to the servo axes’ high rate of travel
  • Ergonomic operation thanks to the modern inclined bed, uncovered spindle and height-adjustable control unit
  • High work safety thanks to remote-controlled clamp activation and protective enclosure
  • Very quick machine installation
  • Optional rotating angle heads enable 5-sided machining

“At elumatec we set great store by close customer relationships, products that can be customized down to the last detail and outstanding customer service, from remote online maintenance to on-site support,” says Nicholls. As the Chief Sales Officer explains, for these precise reasons the SBZ 118 “paves the way for companies looking to get started with automated CNC machining, and we’re on hand to help them every step of the way.” The new high-performance compact system provides a familiar working environment for customers who already use larger elumatec machines and want to expand their product range.