SBZ 151 Edition 90

The story goes on for the anniversary model


Mühlacker. What do the Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Formula 1 circuit in Shanghai and the Sears Tower in Chicago have in common? The elumatec SBZ 151 profile machining centre was used in the construction of all of them. The popular product was redesigned for the company’s 90th anniversary, and it has quickly become a bestseller. “It was an easy decision: elumatec will continue to offer the SBZ 151 Edition 90 in our 91st year”, said Ralf Haspel, CEO of the global market leader. The success was not unexpected, as the Edition 90 combines the tried-and-tested advantages of the SBZ 151 allrounder in a new design featuring an enhanced control system and other optimizations.

One improvement is the new clamp concept for the SBZ 151 Edition 90, which allows the clamp width to be adjusted without requiring tools. Clamp holders can be pulled out as desired for tall profiles, while magnetic clamp blocks allow quick changeover to different profile cross-sections. Furthermore, the SBZ 151 Edition 90 is eluCloud ready right from the start. “When it comes to efficient machining of aluminium and thin-walled steel profiles, the Edition 90 is our masterpiece”, said Ralf Haspel.


The design: a new look for the bestseller

As you would expect for an anniversary model, the SBZ 151 Edition 90 has also been given a new look, with a redesigned hood and user interface. The main aim behind this new version is to make machining even quicker and more flexible than ever before. To give just one example: the machining unit can now be positioned using dynamic servo drives at up to 66 m/min.


The control system has also been updated, alongside the new clamp concept. With processing lengths of between 6 and 30 metres, the SBZ 151 – including the Edition 90 – enables exceptionally long parts to be machined especially for industrial applications. All work operations, such as routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching and sawing, are performed on the stationary profile bar, ensuring that the profile surfaces are handled as gently as possible. An optional angle head also makes it possible to machine profiles from below, ensuring that they can be worked on from all six sides with a single clamping operation. The on-board tool magazine reduces the time required for tool changing, while two separate work zones allow the machine to be used in shuttle operation.


“Flexible, quick and accurate”

“The high degree of automation and the advanced control technology featured in the SBZ 151 Edition 90 allow customer requirements in the metal construction industry to be met flexibly, quickly and accurately”, said Ralf Haspel. Optional add-ons such as automatic length measurement, tapping, a clock system and much more also contribute to the enhanced user experience. In whichever configuration, the Edition 90 is a high-quality, time-saving solution that meets any need – reason enough for the story of this highly successful product to go on as elumatec enters its 91st year.


New design, new-generation control system, ergonomic control unit, optimized clamping concept and eluCloud ready: these advantages have made the SBZ 151 Edition 90 a bestseller.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

45 degree saws: The SBZ 151 has an A-axis pivoting range from -110° to +110° (with a 400 mm saw blade diameter).

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

The new clamp concept for the SBZ 151 enables readjustment of the clamp width without requiring tools.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

Louvre Abu Dhabi: the SBZ 151 was used in the construction of the dome, which spans the 55 buildings of the museum with a diagonal dimension of 180 metres.

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The Louvre Abu Dhabi also shows the potential of intelligent profile machining technology as used in the SBZ 151.

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