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End-to-end business process management including integration of subsidiaries brings transparency and creates the right conditions for further growth.

Mühlacker-Lomersheim/Pforzheim, 15 April 2014. Two strong companies in the Mühlacker-Pforzheim region are setting new standards in the area of business process management: elumatec, on the one hand, as the global leader in the manufacturing of machines for the processing of aluminium, PVC and steel profiles and ITML, on the other, as the leading SAP software partner in the region. 
Together, they are implementing an ERP system to make elumatec significantly more competitive and transparent. 


“We will be in a position to work cooperatively with all of our branches worldwide in the context of a single system solution. From tender preparation to manufacturing and on to customer service, we will have full transparency throughout all the stages of value creation. This will secure a competitive advantage for us because we will be able to act more quickly and respond to new customer requirements more flexibly,” emphasizes Ralf Haspel, elumatec board member responsible for Sales and Marketing. 

The mandate is to smoothly replace an existing stand-alone solution with an integrated, future-proof ERP system that is ideally adapted to the company. Existing business processes at elumatec will also be optimized in the context of the software implementation. At the same time, the basis for the integration of elumatec’s worldwide branches into the central system for recording, invoicing and controlling of services will be created. “We are relying on the expertise ITML brings as a partner because their references from the medium-sized business sector and the high standard of their process and strategy consulting have been very convincing,” says CEO, Britta Hübner. 

ITML managing director Tobias Wahner’s project team is being led by Michael Beck. “We are very pleased to be able to support elumatec AG on their way to a successful future with the implementation of the ERP system. Projects for enterprises from the region are always of special importance to use,” emphasizes Tobias Wahner. 

After a strategic restructuring, to which the SAP implementation makes an important contribution, elumatec AG is well on the way to achieving a positive turnaround. The company seeks to once again attain sustainable profitability.