Revolutionising today’s technology

Taking on the challenges of the future: the history of elumatec

Taking on the challenges of the future: the history of elumatec:

At elumatec we do not know the meaning of standing still. While our machines have always set the standard, we have never rested on the laurels of our success. Our main focus is on constantly perfecting our products, making proven technology even better and guaranteeing quality and durability for our customers. Whether copy routers, double mitre saws or profile machining centres, at the core of all our machines remains the original idea, adapted to the requirements of today's market.


1928 - Company founded by Eugen Lutz

Eugen Lutz Senior founds the Eugen Lutz Foundry in Dürrmenz (today a district in the town of Mühlacker). The company manufactures light-metal sand-cast parts.


1928 - 1965 - MT 1 elu disk grinding machine revolutionises the world of carpentry.


1930: Production of elu machines begins in Mühlacker-Lomersheim with the MT 1 elu disk grinding machine as the first series product, representing a genuine technological revolution for the world of carpentry.


1951: Our design teams develop new woodworking machines and power tools. The MOF 11 motorised manual overhead router with a high-performance universal motor takes the European market by storm.


1959 - Establishment of the first foreign subsidiary in France.


1960s - Aluminium business begins - copy routers corner the market


1966: The aluminium machining era begins. Starting with the SAL 54, the very first generation of copy routers is launched, allowing door and window profiles to be machined more efficiently than ever before. Lock cases and fascias no longer need to be routed by hand, and a template ensures greater accuracy and speed to make working easier.

Copy router SAL 54

Still in use today

n the 1960s the AS 70, AS 72 and AS 170 arrived as successors to the SAL 54, and all three are still in use today. The KF 78 now has two spindles. The KF 178 3-spindle copy router is and remains the ultimate copy router, allowing profiles to be machined simultaneously from different sides.

In 2004 the SLK 118 template-free copy router is launched. Instead of a template, a control system is used for positioning.


1970s - Double mitre saw: a powerful duo for aluminium construction

Automation continues its development as two unbeatable saws take elu machine production to the next level: the DG 102 and DG 104 double mitre saws. They enable very wide and very high profiles to be cut at various different angles. They remain THE saws for aluminium construction for over 10 years and make machining quicker and more efficient.

Double mitre saw DG 104

The new generations of saws are still being sold today, and they remain as popular as ever in the industry. Even after all these years it is the quality of our products that makes them so successful: we can be proud that many of our customers still primarily associate our company with double mitre saws.


1984 - "elu" becomes "elumatec"

The elu power tool range and woodworking machines are sold to Black & Decker and the company brand is changed from "elu" to "elumatec".


1990s - Profile machining centres become all-rounders

1992: elumatec develops the first profile machining centre, marking the start of automatic machining. The SBZ 130 is a leader in its class. As yet it can still only carry out routing operations and not sawing, and it is used together with a double mitre saw. But this is to change with its successor. The first SBZ 130 is still in use today, another example of how our products stand out both in terms of durability and high quality.

Profile machining centre SBZ 130

One of today's stars of the SBZ family: the SBZ 151 Edition 90

The first 5-axis profile machining centre from elumatec can perform routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching and sawing operations and can be machined from 6 sides. Its enormous range of potential applications has made it popular not just in Germany but in the international market as well. The construction of the dome for the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which opened in 2017, is a perfect example of this machine in practice.


2000s - elusoft: IT expertise for the future of mechanical engineering

Everything from a single source: elusoft GmbH is founded in 2000 as a 100% subsidiary of elumatec. One of the main aims behind it is to develop the eluCad programming software for our profile machining centres. This software automates the entire production process, eliminates sources of errors and ensures a secure data flow.


A key element of our identity is constant product optimisation, and as a result there are numerous ways in which we make things easier for our customers. For example, since 2004 we have entered into a number of partnerships which allow data to be imported from external window manufacturing programs.

In 2009 a new 3D converter model is launched which further simplifies programming of the profile machining centres: 3D models can now be imported, while machining operations are automatically recognised and programmed.


Following feedback from our customers, we are working on updating our software solutions and adapting them to individual customer needs. As a result, in 2010 a brand new interface for our eluCad programming software is launched, making it considerably easier to use.


eluCloud: innovative optimisation

Our latest product is eluCloud, the joint solution from elumatec and elusoft for the acquisition and analysis of machine data. The data gathered by eluCloud and the real-time processing and analyses show what is taking place in production and what has already been accomplished. The data comprises machine, part and productiondata, automatically giving the company information for future optimisation.


2014 - "elumatec" becomes a PLC


TODAY - Looking ahead to the future

Today we are not only a permanent player in the market, but also an initiator of new developments. elumatec stands for high quality, technological leadership and service. To ensure that this remains so in the future, we are constantly working on improving our products in every way possible. Therefore we continue to invest in our staff and equipment as well as in R&D. This enables us to initiate and actively shape important change processes.


With 720 employees as well as our subsidiaries and dealers in over 50 countries worldwide, we are always just around the corner from you. Impressive references, numerous patents and inventions, over 28,000 customers and more than 5,000 profile machining centres manufactured are the results of our many years of work and serve as our inspiration for the future.

elumatec AG, Lomersheim