elumatec customer KFK has become a leading provider of façade solutions.


More than 15 years ago, elumatec delivered the first machine to the KFK company. The business headquartered in Croatian Rugvica specializes in the design, construction, fabrication and assembly of customer-specific façade systems. Over the years, collaboration was intensified and the small enterprise has now developed into a leading provider in the area of aluminium and glass façade solutions in Europe.


“More than 15 years ago I had an appointment for 3 p.m. in the elumatec plant located in Mühlacker”, says Marko Rašić, founder and owner of KFK, recalling his first contact with elumatec. “Unfortunately, I was delayed a great deal and didn’t arrive until 6 p.m. Nonetheless, I was still expected by Nebojša Wosel, Regional Director, South East Europe, who warmly greeted me and conducted me through the plant on a late-evening tour together with the owner at the time. After the meeting, it was already 10 p.m. and I said to my colleague in the car: ‘I’ve never experienced anything like that before – that a small Croatian company would be greeted so professionally at such a late hour and with such esteem.’”


That proved to be a beginning that was as surprising as it was positive for the collaboration between elumatec and KFK, and it is still bearing fruit today. In the meantime, the small Croatian company has become an international player with offices in Germany, Slovenia, Austria and Great Britain.


The business currently employs almost 400 – and the trend is for an upswing. KFK is involved in projects spread across the entire globe with a special focus on the USA, Great Britain and their home country of Croatia.


The successful elumatec customer’s headquarters are located in Rugvica near Zagreb.

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KFK is taking the European market by storm
The company sees its strengths in special fabrications, custom-made façades designed by architects and project business with a very high degree of technical complexity. Everyday business operations at KFK are characterized by high capacities, top quality and supplier loyalty. The manner in which these elements contribute to ongoing success is revealed by taking a look at previous KFK projects.


In Germany, the work of KFK can be admired in Frankfurt’s City West in the form of the 70 m high St. Martin Tower. 15,500 m2 of element façade with integrated mechanical ventilation were manufactured and installed there by the elumatec customer. The vertical light-metal façade visually groups two respective storeys, thereby stretching the building from the perspective of the beholder yet without neglecting its elegant and lightweight aspects in doing so.


Erstetower in Zagreb

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A further KFK project in 2008 was the 96 m high Erstetower & Eurotower in Zagreb. 18,000 m2 of façade were equipped with self-ventilating, double-shell external walls by KFK in the context of this construction project. A unique feature for the employees in the offices of the towers: Between the two walls are aluminium panels which are electronically controlled to offer maximum protection from the sun.


The Strojarska Business Center is a showcase project for KFK and is also located in the Croatian capital. The Center consists of six buildings in the middle of which two highrises project upwards. The larger tower is 96 m high and is called VMD after the residential construction firm of the same name which has its headquarters in the Center. The VMD high-rise building was completed in 2014 and has a single-shell façade of 20,000 m2 which was designed, produced and installed by KFK. The colourful elements in the façade catch the eye in particular and lend the high-rise structure an unmistakable appearance.

The VMD high-rise building in Zagreb

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Those who have landed or taken off from Franjo Tuđman Airport in Zagreb will have been able to observe its impressive ceiling construction. In 2016, KFK assumed responsibility for the roofing structure at the airport with a total of 37,500 m2. Travellers are treated to striking impressions there because the halls of the terminals are flooded with light and the roof has a wave-shaped arrangement. A network of steel beams serves as a support.



Franjo Tuđman Airport in Zagreb

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More than just a business partner

Ever present over the course of the years: the machines from elumatec. What began as a relationship between customer and supplier is today a partnership characterized by a great deal of mutual esteem. Marko Rašić sees it this way as well: “We have been working together with elumatec for more than 15 years. Mr. Wosel has always provided me with very professional advice in a personal and engaging manner throughout the years”, says the owner of KFK.


„In the meantime, we own over 20 machines from elumatec.“


He also reports that his requirements have always been met 100 %. “Even when I bought the first elumatec machine, I saw elumatec as a partner with potential for the future”, comments Rašić: “At KFK, we now have over 20 machines from elumatec. When elumatec’s competitors knock on my door, I don’t even bother talking with them. For me, elumatec is all there is!”


The machine pool at KFK contains various different models of the SBZ 151 machining centre and the SBZ 140 model series as well as double mitre saws of the DG 244 model series and several TS 161 table saws with the AMS electronic length measurement system. KFK serves the needs of international investors from the residential and office construction sector using elumatec machinery. Customers especially value the custom-made element façades as well as the innovative
designs and solutions KFK delivers. The elumatec CNC machines with eluCad software provided by elusoft come into their own for these applications and allow the highly complex programming and subsequent machining operations to be executed cost effectively.


Landmark Pinnacle: KFK is working on the highest residential building currently under construction in London

The most recent project has led KFK to the British capital. There, a 233 m high residential building with around 900 flats is currently being constructed. After the completion planned for 2021, the Landmark Pinnacle is to be the highest residential building in London. The assembly of the façade encompassing a total of approx. 38,200 m2 has been entrusted to KFK. 25 storeys have already been built and fitted out as of mid-2018, with another 51 to follow. The skyscraper is designed to offer a 360° view and fit into the surrounding modern skyline. A particular highlight of the spectacular building: The glass of the façade reflects the light and the motion of the water and sky.


Find out more about the Landmark Pinnacle project

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Further projects have been realized by KFK at the Dubrovnik airport, on the Panta Rhei office building in Düsseldorf and at various different hotels in Croatian holiday regions. The Dvorana Krešimira Ćosića multipurpose hall in Croatia’s city of Zadar also bears the signature of KFK.


Planning, project development, manufacturing, assembly of element façade systems:

KFK offers them all from a single source.

Image copyright: KFK


And the success story doesn’t stop there. For the future, KFK has planned expansion into Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, and additional orders in Great Britain and Croatia are in the offing. Long term, KFK has set their sights on becoming one of the three largest façade manufacturers in the world – with elumatec at their side as a strong partner.


>>> Reliable and highquality machines,

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in our industry sector.

Marko Rašić, founder and owner of KFK




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