Innovation prize for elumatec profile machining centre!


What is the most innovative aspect of your latest machining centre?

“The brand new SBZ 628 XXL machining centre combines machining versatility, speed and precision, accompanied by technical expertise for intelligent operation. The SBZ 628 XXL is the only equipment of its kind which hosts as many applications. Our clients’ priority is automation and implementing artificial intelligence to save time for improved productivity. The reduced number of staff required thanks to automation is a plus, especially during this time where health and safety is on all our minds.”


Which market trend is this product a part of?

“The profile market for windows, doors and bays, but also verandas and pergolas is currently on the rise. When renewing their pool, our clients prefer automation with a clear trend towards high-end products. Machines and machining centres are increasingly connected thanks to the integrated eluCloud software. In fact, elumatec has welcomed Artificial Intelligence and automation in order to manage data from manufacturing software, interpret it to control parts machining, then reinject it into management software. This all ensures that the production time can be optimised as much as possible. By collecting data in real time, the eluCloud solution improves production times while detecting any potential sources of error. The four eluCloud modules are eluCloud-Monitor, eluCloudServer, eluCloud-Analytics and eluCloud-API. These different software packages reduce costs, increase productivity and improve machine pool availability. eluCloud software will continue to evolve, becoming more and more important with rotating information to allow the workshop for lean manufacturing to be controlled, particularly in terms of cost.”



“Our clients prefer automation with a clear trend towards high-end products.”

Yvon Wirz,
CEO of elumatec France



elumatec: Machining centre SBZ 628 XXL

The SBZ 628 series by elumatec boasts flexibility in machining and cutting aluminium profiles. They are used both in metal construction and industrial applications. Thanks to its assets including secure production, speed, cost-effectiveness and versatility, the flexible cutting and profile machining centre offers a multi-purpose solution. With up to eight routing units, which can be used freely on the profile cross-section, in combination with patented innovations such as a combined clamping system, a travelling clamp and tilting clamp, it allows fully automated processing of a wide variety of profiles (e.g. windows, doors and curtain walls). 


Thanks to its tilting grip and movable clamping unit, the SBZ 628 XXL is a major multi-purpose flexible tool. 

Picture credits: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


A diverse range of aluminium profiles can be produced with the largest model in the 628 series — in a fully automated, safe and quick manner. The pivoting gripper and movable clamping units ensure greater efficiency during work. The SBZ 628 XXL profile machining centre comes with five load carriers and eight lifting rollers as standard, which can be increased to nine as an option. Other highlights from the window, door and curtain wall machining specialist include a linear motor profile feed, fully automated scrap machining and up to eight machining, drilling or tapping spindles. 


  • – Different separating cut strategies from 22.5° to +157.5° (pivoting)
  • – Additional saw unit from 45° to +135° (tilting)
  • – Combined notching
  • – Quick-change systems for tension rollers and clamping plates for atypical profiles
  • – Manual insertion and clamping mode for non-stable profiles




Efficient, quick and safe –

the SBZ 628 XXL meets high requirements.

Picture credits: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


Up to eight machining or Bohren drilling spindles ensure

flexible machining of the most diverse aluminium profiles.

Picture credits: elumatec AG, Mühlacker



Decisive for the jury:
"Versatility and automation in connection with manufacturing software."



The innovation prize by the magazine Verre & Protections selects 5 Products of the Year in different categories.

elumatec received an award for the SBZ 628XXL in the “Machine of the Year” category.

The competition had 108 companies participate with their new products.

Picture credits: elumatec AG, Mühlacker: Verre Protections Mag