elumatec UK - New premises

elumatec gives itself the space to grow


Machinery expert elumatec has recently moved its UK operation to new premises in Milton Keynes. It’s a change that’s been long in the planning stages, and as MD Neil Parton said, ‘The upfront work has paid off and the actual relocation went very smoothly.’

The move, after 22 years at the old location, represents a significant shift. But as Parton pointed out, the old site did not offer expansion potential. ‘It’s a pity,’ he said. ‘It was a good location, it’s served us well, and we know that many of our team were settled there, but we have to recognise that businesses evolve over time and that change can be beneficial.’
elumatec’s new premises are modern and meet the increasing demands of the UK machinery sector. The business now has enough space for every part of its operation and everyone – from the engineers to the admin team – has the resources and capacity they need to offer the best possible service to customers.

Neil Parton again, ‘Machinery buyers, more and more, want a genuine long-term relationship with their suppliers. They expect to see their supplier’s base and to meet the teams at work. They want to know about the wider infrastructure that’s going to benefit their business. At our new site, we can give them a warm welcome. There are better facilities for our staff and all our visitors, and the new location is also handy for transport links.’
Asked how long the business would remain at this site, Parton said, ‘My predecessor, Phil Heavey understood the value of continuity, and we’re not into chop and change for the sake of it. We’ll only ever move again if there’s a genuine need.’


elumatec United Kingdom Ltd.

Unit 1 Integra

Thornton Chase

Linford Wood

Milton Keynes

MK14 6FD


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