elumatec TechDays 2017

Inspire visitors with innovations and expert exchanges


More than 1300 visitors from around world came, saw it and believed it. Little wonder - from 20 to 22 September 2017 at elumatec AG headquarters in Mühlacker, southern Germany, they had the chance to experience in person a wide range of solutions, innovations and ideas to make Profile Machining 4.0 a success.


The elumatec TechDays 2017 once again pulled in crowds from around the world. With the slogan "You have to see it to believe it", the global market leader, together with its partners, showcased the latest machine technology, software and services for profile machining. The event attracted over 1300 people, from Korea to Namibia and from Japan to Chile, representing an increase of over 500 visitors compared with the extremely successful premiere in 2015.


Customers came to see in person how the solutions developed by global technology leader elumatec could be used to improve their own competitive position. For many, the key question was how, despite increasingly complex market demands, they can optimise and improve the flexibility of their manufacturing cycles while retaining the same high level of quality. "The key is customised, highly automated machines and networked manufacturing steps, and that's exactly what the solutions and ideas on show at our TechDays are designed to offer", said Ralf Haspel, elumatec CEO.


Exclusive previews: SBZ 141 and SBZ 628 with horizontal tilting unit
elumatec presented two innovations in the field of aluminium: a prototype of the SBZ 141, and the SBZ 628, which has been improved with a new horizontal saw unit. In addition to the software solutions for Industry 4.0, both machines were the stars of the show during the many factory tours. The SBZ 141 4-axis centre is the latest addition to the highly successful SBZ 14x series, proving once again how targeted market observation and rapid implementation allow a company to react quickly to new customer requirements. The new model comes with high-performance features to round off the product family: the machine bed has been made more stable and given a more ergonomic design, while the autonomous clamp positioning is new. This allows more efficient cycling of the machining steps, which accelerates pass-through times.


The SBZ 628, meanwhile, is a major statement in terms of customer-focused innovation. The in-demand all-rounder for automated non-stop machining of aluminium profile bars, launched in April 2016 and already installed at over 50 locations worldwide, has now been made even more flexible. A new horizontal saw unit improves its versatility and gives additional cutting options, which will particularly benefit customers manufacturing curtain wall elements and sliding systems.


Automation and machines that "talk" to each other
In the PVC Showroom, individual machines and entire production lines designed to accelerate the entire manufacturing process, from cutting through profile machining to hardware installation, could be seen live in action. Visitors were particularly impressed by the SBZ 609 and SBZ 610, as well as products from elumatec partner Stürtz, with their ability to carry out a wide range of profiling procedures involving both automated and, in some cases, parallel running processes.


For exciting insights into Profile Machining 4.0, our software partners were the people to see, with elusoft, CAMäleon, Orgadata, CAD-PLAN, KKP, Klaes and Vóilap all represented. eluCloud, developed by elusoft and elumatec, showed how simple and useful networked working processes can be. Information including machine and tool use, process times and production status of an order can be accessed in real-time via an app, where an API interface allows the information to be transferred to downstream systems and programs.


Numerous factory tours, live demonstrations, presentations, information stands and one-to-one conversations gave visitors the opportunity to gather information, gain inspiration, discuss new ideas and learn from the experts. Customers were unanimous in their feedback, praising the chance to discover new solutions and opportunities in one location and at their own pace, information which will allow them to improve their market position in future. And Ralf Haspel was also pleased: "We've enjoyed three exciting days with our customers and partners. We will use the knowledge gained from these intensive exchanges to forge a successful path together in future - with attractive innovations in 2018, when elumatec celebrates its 90th anniversary."