elumatec TechDays 2015

elumatec AG generates enthusiasm with innovations at TechDays 2015


More than 800 customers from all over the world transformed the elumatec AG company headquarters in Mühlacker into an international hotspot for professional profile machining in aluminium, PVC and steel for three entire days. Together with partner companies, the world market leader highlighted areas with potential for enabling businesses to master future challenges with intelligence and efficiency.


Featuring the motto "Stronger and closer than ever before," elumatec presented their current portfolio of solutions as well as innovations from the areas of machines, software and services for both craftsmen and industrial manufacturers. "The trend is clearly moving towards increasing complexity in products and shorter delivery times. To deal with this, our customers need not only highly efficient machines, but also complete solutions that meet their requirements optimally," explains Ralf Haspel, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. "With the TechDays, we sought to deliver answers and stimulate thought." This offer was well received. Participants travelled even from Alaska, China and South America to reflect on how to increase their productivity and profitability based on the live demonstrations, practical examples, factory tours, lectures and in-depth conversations with engineering and applications specialists.

Machine demonstration of profile machining centre SBZ 151

Customer-oriented innovations for a competitive edge

The key highlights elumatec presented included four new products at the same time: the SBZ 628 pass-through centre, two models from the re-designed SBZ 122 series and the brand new DG 202 double mitre saw. "These are proof that the individual needs of customers are reflected in our products even more quickly now," says Haspel.

Visitors were able to experience the SBZ 628 live for the first time after it caused quite a stir during its video premier already at BAU 2015 in Munich. The pass-through centre combines a high level of flexibility and automation with easy handling. This saves companies cost-intensive intermediate steps and at the same time ensures process reliability. Features such as the combination clamping system for stationary and on-the-fly machining, the rotation module with up to eight tools that can be freely positioned above the profile as well as the 360 degree pivoting 4-axis saw unit make the SBZ 628 a versatile all-rounder which is able to cover a broad range of jobs with no setup changes.

The new SBZ 628 profile machining centre.

The 3 and 4-axis centres from the new SBZ 122 model family were also very well received. "The SBZ 122/70 and SBZ 122/71 offer maximized machining capacity in a minimum of space. Moreover, they have set new standards in their class in terms of ergonomics, efficiency and safety," explains Haspel. The machine bed inclined at 45 degrees, the enlarged work area in spite of a smaller overall footprint as well as the height-adjustable control unit all simplify operation. A modern control system, regulated spindles and powerful servo motors support precision handling and make workflows faster as well as more reliable and efficient. The intelligent drive technology of the SBZ 122 series saves operating costs and delivers both quality and production advantages, particularly in metal construction.

Profile machining centre SBZ 122/71

PVC production line and premier for automatic corner cleaner

The crowds thronged into the PVC showroom. There, elumatec and partner Stürtz had set up a fully automated production line: everything from length cutting to profile machining on to hardware mounting and a glass handling system was included. The system can produce 150 window units in a single shift - at the press of a button. "Our cooperation with Stürtz has gotten off to a very satisfactory start and at TechDays, we endeavoured to demonstrate to our customers from all over the world the added value this partnership generates," says Haspel. One concrete result of this working relationship is the broad portfolio of solutions for all requirements that is undergoing continuous expansion. The most recent innovation: an automatic corner cleaner for transom joints (TXR 3-2) which is set for a market launch very soon.


A broader perspective pays off

Together with notable partner fi rms (elusoft, Orgadata, Klaes, CAMäleon, Stürtz, Ruchser, PBT and Casadei), elumatec demonstrated how value creation and effi ciency can be increased by using complementary software or machine engineering. "Our partner's products off er further leverage enabling our customers to optimize job handling and to adapt their business models to meet new market requirements more quickly. For example by increasing their reaction speed with automated processes or a greater vertical range of manufacture," says Haspel.


Visitors also used the TechDays to obtain information on the comprehensive range of services offered by After Sales. Practical tips were very popular, for example on the cleaning and maintenance of spindles, which keeps elumatec machines operating at a high level of performance. Visitors experienced the creation of quality "made by elumatec" first hand during a factory tour, which had to be carried out twice due to the strong interest.

Comprehensive range of After Sales services

The unanimous feedback from customers confirmed that it was wonderful to be able to obtain comprehensive information about solutions and possibilities for structuring their operations even more successfully in a no-pressure atmosphere. Consequently, Haspel is fully satisfied with the event: "The numerous conversations demonstrated that, as the world market leader, our portfolio of machines, services and supplementary software and hardware products puts us in a position to respond effectively to users' needs. Many thanks to all involved!"

The outstanding event created a high level of satisfaction