elumatec SBZ 122/75 profile machining centre:

1000th delivery!


The elumatec SBZ 122/75 profile machining centre, the 5-axis version of the 122 family, is used by many metal construction customers and industrial users.


A milestone for this popular model was reached in mid-November, when the 1,000th machine was loaded onto a lorry in Lomersheim and transported to elumatec customer Feal in Bosnia Herzegovina. The company operates one of the most advanced aluminium pressing plants in Europe and has put its faith in elumatec’s high-quality products and customer service for around twenty years: alongside the new SBZ 122/75, in production Feal also uses the SBZ 150, SBZ 151, SBZ 131 and SBZ 616 profile machining centres, among others.



The 1000th SBZ 122/75 has been delivered to long-standing elumatec customer Feal from Bosnia Herzegovina.
Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


The SBZ 122/75 profile machining centre is easy to use, safe and economical. The compact winner of the German Design Award has an impressive combination of intelligent control technology, powerful servo motors and a machine bed designed for high rates of travel. And the SBZ 122/75 is also the only machining centre in its class with a machining area of 300 x 230 mm on the Y and Z axes.