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Protecting is priority, service and supply is secure


The world is currently experiencing extraordinary times which are affecting almost all areas of our personal and professional lifes. In this exceptional situation, we are faced with complex challenges and have to be more concious than ever of the responsability we have to ourselves and to others.


We at #elumatec – at the Mühlacker site, in our subsidiaries worldwide and across the #Voilàp group – are determined to fulfil our responsibility and obligations towards society.


Protecting our employees and business partners is our top priority.

Our staff will work from home where and when they can, meetings will be conducted via video or voice conferencing as far as possible, and we will increase the precautions and hygiene measures implemented in our production facilities and administration buildings.


Nonetheless, we aim to do everything we can to give our customers the processes and accessibility they are used to – and we know we can do it!


Our service hotlines mean that we can continue to offer the same level of customer support that we always have.

The supply of spare parts from our spare parts centre in Mühlacker, Germany, is also secure and will continue unchanged. Should there be occasional delays in delivery, we ask for your understanding – our logistics partners are currently facing equally enormous challenges.


Our field service team also remains on hand to provide the best possible support during machine downtimes. We are in close dialogue with individual customers in order to ascertain whether online support can be used to solve the problem, or whether a service visit is necessary and can be carried out while taking the appropriate precautions. This is because the health of our employees and of our customers is our top priority at all times.


One more thing we’d like to mention:

To our colleagues,

THANK YOU for allowing us to continue to operate as a business – whether you’re working on-site at our headquarters, at home or in the field, this would not be possible without your increased commitment, flexibility and teamwork.

It’s crucial that we stick together, and that’s exactly what we’re doing!


To our customers and business partners,

THANK YOU for trusting us in this difficult situation.

We know that you, your company and your teams are facing a new type of challenge that needs to be overcome as best you can.


We will of course continue to keep you informed as the situation unfolds, and we wish you one thing above all:

Stay healthy – and help others to stay healthy!


Your elumatec-Team