Christian Kotschenreuther GmbH

elumatec-Kunde Kotschenreuther automatisiert und steigert den Durchsatz im PVC-Fenster- und Sonderbau


elumatec customer, Kotschenreuther, automates and increases throughput in PVC window manufacturing and special applications

With an SBZ 618 profile machining centre from elumatec, Kotschenreuther GmbH was able to increase PVC profile machining productivity by 30 percent. The German enterprise in Upper Franconia with its rich tradition is thus able to meet increasingly demanding market requirements with punctuality and high-level quality - a boon for securing their market position.


Manufacturing orders with more and more complexity yet tighter and tighter deadlines - that is the challenge Kotschenreuther GmbH in Steinwiesen, Bavaria faces on a daily basis. In addition to series manufacturing, the enterprise handles all manner of custom jobs as well, including door, window and conservatory construction. And word has gotten out: Clients are coming from all over Germany, from Munich to Berlin. The full-range service provider's trademark has always been supporting customers with profound professional knowledge and experience from consulting to assembly and on through implementation of the actual fabrication, no matter how individualized the project - all with the highest delivery reliability and precision. However, it was becoming increasingly difficult to live up to this standard. Because the more time it takes to clear up the requirements for things like noise abatement, thermal insulation or handicapped accessibility, the less time remains for the actual implementation. With the SBZ 618 from elumatec, the company has taken a pacesetter on board which completes the most diverse operations rapidly and reliably.


Compact multi-talent enhances quality and productivity

This multi-talent with compact external dimensions replaces several individual stations such as length cutting, profile machining and transom machining. Instead of time consuming parts logistics with intermediate storage, transportation and machining at several stations, now all that is required is to simply place the profile into a machine and then remove the finished part. "We have become 30 percent faster using automation," explains Christian Kotschenreuther. As soon as the job parameters have been ascertained, an employee must simply enter these in the control system software and the processing runs at the press of a button. "Reinforcements, angled bored holes for dowels, sawing at non-standard angles or routing for seals - these custom machining operations that we used to have to do by hand are performed by the SBZ 618 with high precision and fully automatically." The company manager and trained carpenter picks up a finished window profile by way of illustration: The fastening and mounting holes of the countered parts fit together exactly, even for angled elements, such as are typical for conservatory construction. "Time consuming work with jigs is a thing of the past. Moreover, time and cost-intensive reworking is eliminated," sums up Kotschenreuther.


Higher process reliability for all aspects of profile machining

The enterprise has not only gained speed, however - process reliability has gone up dramatically as well. This is an important advantage for the company as they are accustomed to exceeding typical quality standards. In addition, all manufacturer's specifications, such as number and position of the machining operations can now be stored and adhered to reliably. Once stored, the SBZ 618 implements the values with precision. This is where quality mechanical engineering "made by elumatec" comes into play. The high-performance power package drills 12 mm holes in 3 mm steel practically non-stop with no vibration. The nine tools on the rotation module can be positioned as needed at any angle and the infinitely adjustable grippers secure even challenging profiles dependably. Kotschenreuther is especially enthused about the notching module with standardized HSK tool holders and a four-fold tool changer. "Even narrow parts of less than 400 mm can be countered with complete reliability."

Profile machining centre SBZ 618


Reduced buffer times and piece costs, improved capacity and scheduling

The SBZ 618 processes job after job like clockwork. The manager appreciates the high process reliability afforded by immaculate non-stop production, especially at peak times. Using the key figures, he is able to accurately plan manufacturing times, schedule jobs more tightly and reduce costly buffer times. This increases throughput. An entire day's production including the welding can be done by one person, as Kotschenreuther has ascertained. The parts are produced rapidly with all machining operations. This frees up around 25 percent of additional work capacity for the company, allowing their specialist staff to see to other important tasks. New employees are up to speed quickly due to the machine's simple operation. And, if needed, non-specialists can even help out with window and door fabrication because the SBZ 618 executes the dimensional deductions for length cutting or the drilled holes for hardware mounting with precision based on the window manufacturing software. Kotschenreuther is extremely pleased with the SBZ 618 and the excellent service provided by elumatec: "We are able to manufacture 10 percent more parts yearly with the same level of manpower." That creates room for higher profitability and further growth.


Christian Kotschenreuther GmbH

Founded in 1950 as a wainwright and carpentry enterprise, the family-owned business in its third generation provides a broad range of products and services in the fields of carpentry, window manufacturing and metal construction. Whether windows, doors or conservatories in every variation or complete interior fitting, the 28 employees are able to realize every type of customer requirement in their own shop no matter how demanding. This guarantees an exceptional degree of flexibility which, coupled with high-level delivery reliability and quality, underscores the full-service operation's excellent reputation that is known far beyond the borders of the region. Public institutions, private individuals and architects rely on the well-established Kotschenreuther enterprise from initial competent consulting right on to punctual implementation.