ALUMINIUM 2018 - Review

Optimized SBZ models star at a successful ALUMINIUM 2018 for elumatec


Mühlacker. From the SBZ 151 Edition 90 anniversary model to the award-winning SBZ 122/75, with its versatile programme elumatec AG reached more visitors at ALUMINIUM 2018 compared to the previous year. From 9-11 October, the global market leader for machines for processing aluminium, PVC and steel profiles showcased its ability to provide solutions tailored to meet industry requirements. This year’s trade fair was particularly successful: elumatec gained almost 70 new customers.

elumatec in discussion: the company gained plenty of new customers at ALUMINIUM.

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An overview of trade fair highlights:

  • Special anniversary SBZ 151 Edition 90 profile machining centre model: all of the proven advantages of this all-rounder packaged in a new design, with an optimized control system and a new clamp concept in addition to being eluCloud ready.
  • The SAS 142/44 automatic saw with 2-axis controller and large-dimensioned saw blade allows efficient large-scale cutting of aluminium profiles, as well as featuring a large cutting range for wide profiles.
  • The MGS 245/00 mitre saw is the machine for large-volume profiles and cutting variants. 
  • German Design Award Winner: the 5-axis profile machining centre SBZ 122/75 attains flexibility, speeds and acceleration values that have not yet been seen in this market segment. The German Design Award is the prestigious international prize awarded by the German Design Council, with the aim of discovering, showcasing and recognizing unique and innovative design trends. Every year, high-quality submissions are received from the world of product and communication design, which all in their own way break new boundaries in the international design landscape.
  • 90 years of elumatec: insights into the company’s history


As elumatec celebrated 90 years at the trade fair in Düsseldorf, all the signs pointed towards growth: the aluminium industry is thriving and demand is increasing, particularly as a result of the shift to renewable energy and developments in the transport sector. Its custom-designed product range enabled elumatec to take advantage of this positive development, and the number of visitors at the company’s stand was 10% higher than at the last ALUMINIUM event two years ago, with industrial customers showing particular interest in the SBZ 151, 628 and 122/75 profile machining centres. “Our success at the trade fair confirms that we are on the right track in our anniversary year, as the solutions we develop are exactly in line with the needs of our worldwide users. We took excellent advantage of the opportunity to demonstrate this at one of the leading trade fairs in the industry”, said elumatec CEO Ralf Haspel.

The elumatec trade fair team were out in force in Düsseldorf.

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SBZ 151 Edition 90: The special anniversary model with advantages old and new 

If it hadn’t done so already, the 5-axis SBZ 151 profile machining centre gained recognition as a masterpiece of efficiency in machining aluminium and thin-walled steel profiles when it was used in the construction of the dome of the Louvre Abu Dhabi. The Edition 90 features the proven advantages of the all-rounder in a new, contemporary design, including a reconfigured hood and user interface, an updated control system and a new clamp concept. With processing lengths of between 6 and 30 metres, the SBZ 151 – including the Edition 90 – enables exceptionally long parts to be machined especially for industrial applications. All work operations, such as routing, drilling, tapping, thread milling, notching and sawing, are performed on the stationary profile bar, ensuring that the profile surfaces are handled as gently as possible. Clamps with height and width adjustments and quick-change support blocks enable optimal profile clamping and full exploitation of the machining possibilities, while an optional angle head also makes it possible to machine profiles from below, ensuring that they can be worked on from all six sides with a single clamping operation. The on-board tool magazine reduces the time required for tool changing, and the robust and low-wear direct drives also deliver impressive speed, enabling rapid acceleration and positioning of the machining assembly. Two separate work zones allow the machine to be used in shuttle operation, and as if all that were not enough, the SBZ 151 Edition 90 is “eluCloud” ready right from the start. In short, the high degree of automation and the advanced control technology featured in the SBZ 151 Edition 90 allow customer requirements in the metal construction industry to be met flexibly, quickly and accurately.

The all-rounder redesigned, eluCloud ready and with a new-generation control system, ergonomic control unit and optimized clamping concept.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


45 degree saws: the SBZ 151 has an A-axis pivoting range from -110° to +110° (with a 400 mm saw blade diameter).

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

The new clamp concept for the SBZ 151 enables readjustment of the clamp width without requiring tools.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


SBZ 122/75: Ultimate precision, exceptional range of applications, extremely fast

The winner of the German Design Award 2018 also impresses thanks to its intrinsic values which make it perfect for machining aluminium, plastic and steel profiles. Just take a look at its configuration, unique for its class: the powerful 5-axis profile machining centre for metal construction firms and industrial applications offers the ultimate in precision and the widest possible range of applications. What’s more, it achieves speeds and acceleration values the likes of which have never before been seen in this market segment. Operations such as routing, drilling and tapping are performed while the profile bar is stationary in order to protect the surfaces, all five axes of the SBZ 122/75 can be controlled simultaneously with the Rotation Tool Centrepoint (RTCP), and the machining unit can be positioned using the dynamic servo drives running at up to 120 m/min. The award-winning SBZ 122/75 provides a maximum of compactness on a minimal footprint, as well as offering an advantage that may give it a competitive edge: extremely high energy efficiency thanks to the DC link coupling in the axis drives.

The SBZ 122/75 5-axis profile machining centre attains speeds and acceleration values that have not yet been seen in this market segment.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


SAS 142/44: The automatic saw for efficient large-scale cutting

Powerful and with a large cutting range for wide profiles, the elumatec SAS 142/44 automatic saw with 2-axis controller and large-dimensioned saw blade for 90° cuts is perfect for large-scale cutting of aluminium profiles in industrial applications. The kerf spreading in this top-of-the-range model ensures the highest possible surface quality of the cut faces, while the material infeed protects the surface of the workpiece through the profile lifting system on the supporting and guiding surface. Further advantages of the SAS 142/44 include automatic shutoff when the end of the profile has been reached and material infeed via the servo axis, controlled for transport speed and part length. The automatic saw from elumatec also controls the saw feed via a servo axis, and the profile parameters can be saved in the profile database.

The SAS 142/44: a powerful automatic saw.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

“Cutting from below”: the SAS 142/44 also follows this tried-and-tested elumatec principle.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

With its profile lifting system, the automatic saw protects the surfaces of the material.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

MGS 245/00: The mitre saw for special applications

Ideal for large-volume profiles and special cuts, the elumatec 245/00 mitre saw is the specialist tool for cutting variants in industrial applications, with features including an unobstructed table surface which enables optimal loading and unloading of profiles. In addition, the patented saw arm suspension of the MGS 245/00 creates a cutting pressure towards the back fence which ensures safe clamping of the workpiece. But the small details of the MGS 245/00 also make it a winner: the safety hood opens automatically, and a pulsed coolant system and saw blade are included. It has a manual pivoting range of up to 22.5°, with a tilting range from 90° to 45°.

The MGS 245/00 mitre saw is particularly well-suited for special applications.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

MGS 245/00: the specialist tool for special cuts.

Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker

Optimal loading and unloading of profiles.

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90 years of elumatec: Looking back at icons in their time

From wood processing to the introduction of profile machining centres and on to software development, 90 years of elumatec history came alive at ALUMINIUM 2018, where visitors enjoyed exciting insights into the company’s past.

During this anniversary year the company will also look back at the past – including elumatec innovations that set new standards in their time.

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elusoft: Reduce costs, safeguard operational readiness, optimize production

elumatec subsidiary elusoft presented their eluCad 4.1 and eluCloud software solutions in Düsseldorf. Developed jointly by elumatec and elusoft, eluCloud is a solution for collection and analysis of machine data in order to provide manufacturers with information about potential optimization, which lowers costs and safeguards the operational readiness of their machines. The data gathered by eluCloud and the real-time processing and analyses show what is currently taking place in production and what has already been accomplished. Machine, part and production data is captured by eluCloud, paving the way for Industry 4.0, the Smart Factory and the Internet of Things. The eluCad programming software makes it possible for users to configure their profile machining centres without having to be able to write ISO code on their own, and it is this user friendliness and unbeatable flexibility which make eluCad the best practical choice. Version 4.1 of the software was presented at the trade fair.

Data power for efficient workflows and cost reductions: eluCloud provides information on potential optimization measures of its own accord.

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About elumatec AG

elumatec AG is a global leader in the manufacturing of machines for processing aluminium, PVC and steel profiles. With its extensive product range, the company covers the entire spectrum of applications from small craftsman’s businesses to industrial profile processors. Custom-designed and modular machinery concepts provide flexible and individualized industry solutions for all groups of customers. The company, which is headquartered in the Swabian town of Mühlacker and was founded in 1928, has subsidiaries and dealers in more than 50 countries, employs over 700 people worldwide and achieved consolidated sales of over 130 million euros in 2017.