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FIT Show 2019

This FIT Show, relax – we’ve got it covered

For the glazing industry, FIT Show’s a must see, but trade shows aren’t known for being the most chilled of events. There’s everything you want to see competing with all the stuff others think you should see. There are the games, the challenges and all the seminars. Your ears are buzzing from all the chat and your feet are on fire from all the miles. But still, you wouldn’t miss it, would you?
What if we told you about a more relaxing FIT Show experience?
That’s what we’re planning, and you’re invited to join in. Yes, we’ll have Elumatec saws and software on the stand, but we’ll also have comfy chairs and space to chat. We’ll have a fridge to keep the drinks at the perfect temperature and the atmosphere will be relaxed and social.
That’s very much the style of our new MD Neil Parton. He’d rather get to know you than hit you with the hard-sell. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk business – of course, you can – but if you simply want to take the weight of your feet and have a natter, that’s fine by us. You’ll be very welcome.
We’re big fans of a more relaxed approach. We also find that productivity is enhanced when there’s a more relaxed working environment. Sometimes a new machine can make the difference, sometimes it’s a great relationship with an engineer, but there’s a common thread that runs through our approach – we get to know you and customise our solutions for your operation.
Whether your products are bulk or bespoke, whether you need incredible precision, intelligent process control or ultra-fast changeovers, whatever your niche, whatever you’re fabricating, whatever the application, Elumatec can handle it.
We’re known for our machines and our service, but we’ve got another key skill: we listen. So, this FIT Show, don’t get your ears bent by everyone else. Instead, come and bend ours while you relax.
We’ll be on Stand G20.