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Mühlacker CDU city council members visit elumatec

Production, staff, plans for the future: Mühlacker CDU city council members gained fascinating insights into all areas of elumatec AG's internal operations during a visit to the company and the Info Center.

Production Manager Hans-Joachim Fischer, who guided the tour, expressed pleasure afterwards at the interest of his guests: "We are pleased that note has been taken of our business's positive development. elumatec enjoys a high level of esteem as one of the most important employers in the city of Mühlacker whose significance extends far beyond the borders of the region."

The group of CDU politicians took nearly three hours of their time to get an on-site overview of elumatec's current activities. During a Q & A session, topics such as areas of business, branch locations and digital infrastructure were discussed as were the increasing number of employees and a potential expansion of the company. National and international projects with elumatec involvement, such as the Louvre Abu Dhabi and other examples also garnered great interest. Moreover, the development of the Cifin Group and the collaboration within the group of companies were topics of discussion as well.

As it turned out, a number of participants have a connection to elumatec with recollections that go back many years: Wolfgang Buchtala completed his apprenticeship as the best in his class at "elu" 50 years ago. Already as a small girl, Gisela Schmid-Beck brought the rolls from her father's bakery "to elu". On the other side, Hans-Joachim Fischer took part in a panel discussion recently in January 2018 dealing with technology and development at the event "Continuous Transformation - The Industrial History of Mühlacker in the 19th and 20th centuries".

"The talks showed us just how much elumatec is appreciated as a local employer. We are pleased at the interest shown and hope there will be an opportunity to repeat this soon", said Hans-Joachim Fischer.



Mühlacker CDU city council members visit elumatec

Hans-Joachim Fischer (elumatec AG Production Manager), Theodor Bellon, Gisela Schmid-Beck, Bernd Obermeier, Günter Bächle, Wolfgang Buchtala (all members of the Mühlacker CDU city council group) (l. to r.) and guest Dr. Ferenc Kocsis (2nd f.r.) Image copyright: elumatec AG, Mühlacker


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