Maintenance Agreements

Maintenance Agreements

Machine breakdowns usually occur completely unexpectedly. With regular maintenance, you can take preventive measures. Wear and defects can be recognised and corrected early on. This enables you to avoid expensive consequential losses and unnecessary downtimes. Every service call is carried out and documented based on an individual checklist tailored to your machine. This gives you the assurance that nothing will be overlooked. Regular maintenance calls increase the service life and the resale value of your elumatec machine.

You have a choice between individual service calls as needed and a maintenance agreement – even for machines that have already been in service for a number of years. With a maintenance agreement, you get the specific number of service calls per year that you define, each with a clearly delineated scope of services at a fixed price.

Your advantages: Predictable costs, timely reminders of maintenance that is due and flexible appointments

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