• Profile machining centres

Profile machining centres

Efficient profile machining is the ultimate standard for our design and development work – whether in craftsman’s enterprises or industrial operations. We offer an unmatched product portfolio ranging from stand-alone profile machining centres to complex production systems. This means we can provide the right product with the desired degree of automation for every type of plastic window production.

Our profile machining centres SBZ 608, SBZ 609, SBZ 610, SBZ 615,SBZ 616, SBZ 617, SBZ 618 and SBZ 620 have a modular design that offers automation solutions for every need by making use of different configuration levels. The various machining tasks are carried out independently of the profile type, without support blocks and completely automatically on plastic profiles with or without steel reinforcement.

This intelligent setup using a modular system design means that all requirements can be taken into account during the planning of the machine configuration, even including the number of machining tasks and the desired capacity. The machining centres are conceived so that the largest number of machining tasks possible can be included in the automated process so they do not have to be done manually.

Loading station
Loading station with supply magazine: Loading of up to ten profile bars; stable and low-vibration welded steel construction.

Routing and drilling station
Machining without conversion using the tool carrier for up to 30 machining units with optimal drilling and routing results, thanks to the special elumatec design.

Transfer unit with buffer function
The key interface providing even more efficiency.

Sawing station
Versatile, precise, and fast. As needed, either with a 1, 3 or 5-blade sawing system.

Unloading station
Save even more time by optimising the last work step as well.

Machine control
Manually, via barcode scanner, CD-ROM, USB or network – with elumatec machines, all forms of input are possible.